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Adamawa: How First Lady Lobbied APC Stakeholders Against Female Gov’ship Candidate, Binani



All seems not to be well with the Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) following moves by the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari to prevail on stakeholders to drop Sen. Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed (Binani) as the governorship candidate of the party.

Mrs. Buhari, who convened a meeting of Adamawa leaders at her Conference Room on Friday night in Abuja, said the only female governorship candidate in the country must be dropped.

She said she anticipated that the Court of Appeal may order a fresh governorship primary election in the state, and directed all the stakeholders to vote for a former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu if the court demands a re-run of the primary election.

But her position shocked many stakeholders at the venue of the meeting in the Presidential Villa. Some of them threatened protest votes if the First Lady has her way. A few others have opted to protest to the National Chairman of APC, Sen. Abdullahi Adamu.

A member of the State Executive Committee (SEC) at the meeting, who spoke anonymously, captured the mood at the session.

He said: “What they did was to go on a journey of self deception by playing God. All through the First Lady assured them of how very powerful she is and her capacity to determine outcomes especially in Adamawa State.

“She said she had powers to influence the course of events including removing the National Chairman of the party if he opposes her move.

“She intimidated them to high heavens and even claimed that non of the candidates will win the next election without her support.”

But it was learnt that the session became tensed when the First Lady opened up on why Adamawa was not ripe for a female governor. She explained why she is opposed to the governorship ticket of Sen. Dahiru Ahmed (Binani).

Another source, who was at the meeting said: “The First Lady Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs Aisha Buhari, called a meeting of selected individuals from Adamawa State on Friday 18th November 2022 by 7pm.

“The First Lady said Nigeria is not ripe for a female gubernatorial candidate or an elected female governor. That the maximum women should expect is a female deputy governor.

“We were told to be prepared that in the unlikely event that Binani recovers the ticket at the Appeal Court, they should be prepared to work against her as they did to Bindow in 2019. They called this agenda,” the secret within a secret.

“The key stakeholders at the meeting were forced to sign a document of endorsement saying Nuhu Ribadu has been endorsed as the Gubernatorial candidate and Ambassador Patricia Yakubu, the current woman leader was to be the running mate.

“All other gubernatorial aspirants were assured a place in Tinubu’s government at the center.

“After acknowledging that they are first cousins and close family relations with “Uwani” as Binani is called within family circles, the first lady said that Binani offended her by crossing over to PDM in 2015.

“She said she sent emissaries ito ask her to remain in APC in order to support her husband but Binani refused. Some of us felt it was cheap blackmail.

“Nuhu Ribadu whom she supports now was an APC member who defected to the PDP to fly the flag of PDP as gubernatorial candidate. The deputy Governorship candidate she endorsed was an APC member who defected in order to serve as a Commissioner in a PDP government in the state headed by Bala Ngillari.”

Some leaders at the meeting were however sulking over sudden choice of Ribadu.

One of them added: “In 2015 Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was not popular within the PDP, the current governor was the choice of the majority, he used his connections with the Villa to move the primaries from Yola to Abuja and he won the nomination but came third in the election to the extent of being defeated in his polling unit, ward and LGA by Marcus Gundiri.

In 2023 he is repeating the same thing by coming to Abuja to receive the endorsement of people who cannot even deliver their polling units. Meanwhile the person whose ambitions he scuttled in 2015 contested in 2019 and by the grace of God the governor of the state. He sought nomination in 2019 and lost to the then sitting governor. He only succeeded in delaying the will of God but he never stopped it. So shall it be in the case of Binani insha Allah.”

On plans for the general election, another leader at the session gave more insights.
He said: “The First Lady directed the “setting up of a committee made of serving members of the House of Representatives to mobilize funds for the financing of the campaigns in Adamawa State especially those of the state House of Assembly members.

“The first lady will directly take charge of all affairs of the APC in Adamawa State and that once the cases are over and Nuhu Ribadu becomes candidate she will roll out the campaign plans.

“Certain individuals were instantly appointed directors of media, administration, mobilization of the APC Presidential Campaign Council in Adamawa State which will in turn also be the driver of the gubernatorial campaign as well.

But all the candidates admitted that they were low on cash for the 2023 election. A candidate said: “We spoke through representatives for each category, one Senatorial, one House of Representatives and one House of Assembly. The party leadership spoke and a few selected stakeholders also spoke. One of the gubernatorial Aspirants gave the closing remarks.

“All the candidates made it clear to the meeting that two major problems may impede their success at the next circle of elections. Should there be no gubernatorial candidate for the APC in the state, all other candidates from presidential to the state House of Assembly will be hard to sell.

“As it is they said they are all very low on funds to prosecute their campaigns and that there is an urgent need to provide them financial support.

“Those who attended the session were the National Vice Chairman of APC for the North-East, members of the State Working Committee of the party, one aspirants for governorship including Nuhu Ribadu, Abdulrazaq Namdas, Wafari Theman. Althouhh Binani was invited for the meeting, she couldn’t make it.

Others included all serving members of the House of Representatives, Senatorial candidate from the Southern Zone; all the 25 APC House of Assembly candidates; ex-Deputy Governor Martins Babale who is the interim coordinator of APC Presidential Campaign Organization in Adamawa State.

“Others were strategic leaders of APC and some selected persons known to either to be supporting or opposing Ribadu or Binani.

Source: The NewsGuru

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Rotary Africa Donates $25k, Mobilizes Funds, Support for Morocco




Rotary International Zone 22, which covers the whole of Africa, has made an initial donation of $25,000 to help the disaster relief effort going on in Morocco while also calling for more funds, donations and support for the people following a devastating earthquake.

According to statement by Rotary International Director, Patrick Chisanga, “Rotary stands in solidarity with the people of Morocco as we witnessed the unprecedented devastation caused by a catastrophic earthquake. Our hearts go out to the affected families, and we mourn the tragic loss of lives.

While the 5th All Africa Zone 22 Institute was ongoing in Lusaka, on 8th September, and with members from across Africa in attendance, we received the distressing news of this earthquake, and our immediate response was to offer support and comfort to those affected.

“Rotary clubs in Europe and Africa including in Morocco have raised funds and mobilised material support for the relief efforts. An initial $25,000 was approved by the Rotary Foundation to immediately go to the disaster relief efforts and more grants are being developed.

“Our partner organisation, Shelter Box and others have supported in raising support for shelter and related needs of affected individuals.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Morocco, particularly our fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors and their families who have endured immense suffering. We also wish a swift recovery to all those injured in this calamity.

In our commitment to making a difference in times of crisis, Rotary International is actively engaged in providing assistance and support to the relief efforts in Morocco. To this end, we have established direct communication channels for Rotary Districts willing to mobilize support in any form. Clubs and Districts can contact District Governor Saadia Aglif on +212 661 135750 for further information on how they can contribute to the relief efforts directly in Morocco.

Furthermore, the Rotary Foundation Trustees have set up the Morocco Earthquake Response Fund, a dedicated fund to provide immediate relief to those affected by the earthquake. Donors can contribute directly to this fund to aid the ongoing relief efforts. Contributions to this fund will be accepted until 31 December 2023. Districts are encouraged to apply for grants from this fund until 21 September 2024 or until the funds have been fully allocated. Any remaining contributions after 21 September 2024 will be directed to the general Disaster Response Fund, which supports disaster relief efforts worldwide.

· Rotarians can give online, by cheque or by transferring District Designated Funds through

· To give by check, make it payable to The Rotary Foundation or an associate foundation, and include a completed contribution form. In the DESIGNATION/PURPOSE section, choose “Other” and write the fund name (Morocco Earthquake Response Fund).

· To allocate District Designated Funds, district leaders can use the DDF contribution form.

· We also call upon individuals and organizations to join us in raising funds to support the Morocco Earthquake Response Fund. You can start a fundraiser on Raise for Rotary, a platform that currently accepts 12 currencies. Contributions made through fundraisers for this fund on Raise for Rotary will be credited and recognized and acknowledged as described on the Rotary website.

Rotary International Director (RID) for Africa, Patrick Chisanga urges everyone to come together in this time of crisis and demonstrate the true spirit of Rotary by providing much-needed relief and support to the people of Morocco. He said, “we believe that our collective efforts can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this tragedy”.

“The expertise of Rotarians and Rotaractors across Africa, will be available and essential in assisting clubs in Morocco respond effectively to the needs of their communities. RID Patrick has pledged the support of all Regional and Zone Coordinators’ in grants and projects development to support the clubs in Morocco during this crises”

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Tourism Minister, Lola John Allegedly Poisoned, Fighting for Life in Abuja Hospital




The Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade-John, has been hospitalised in Abuja after suffering acute poisoning from unknown origins, says a Peoples Gazette report, adding that her family members fear time was running against their efforts to save her life.

Lola Ade-John, 60, was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, shortly after she started manifesting symptoms of her poisoning, according to family sources familiar with her ordeal. She has spent four days at the facility as of Friday morning, The Gazette heard.

Ms Ade-John, a career banker and tech investor, has been on a machine to aid her breathing, our sources said. The specifics as to what substance she ingested and how could not be immediately established by The Gazette. The police and the State Security Service did not immediately return a request on whether or not any investigations had been opened into the matter.

Her worsening situation has further set the family against the government, with the permanent secretary of her ministry said to be in disagreement as to whether she should continue receiving treatment at a public hospital or be moved to a better-equipped private facility downtown.

The permanent secretary, Ngozi Onwudike, was said to have insisted that the minister should not be transferred because the FMC is a public hospital and its services wouldn’t attract substantial charges to the government, a position her family rebuffed. But they remained with her as they could not raise funds to move her to a private hospital, our sources said. A phone number for the permanent secretary did not connect on Friday morning.

A spokesperson for the FMC did not immediately return a request seeking comments from The Gazette about Ms Ade-John’s condition.

Ms Ade-John was appointed as a minister by President Bola Tinubu in August. She was immediately touted as one of the few cabinet members appointed from outside the political beltway. She was based in London for years before she was asked to return to the country to serve by the president.

People’s Gazette

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National Day Schools Competition: Aijay Media Celebrates Nigeria’s Rich Heritage




The Aijay Media Annual National Day Schools Competition, held every October 1st, is set to hold this Tuesday.

The event, as always, is programmed to showcase the best of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, and traditions as well as celebrate the country’s national day, with varieties of competitions, which have grown in popularity over the years, attracting participation from schools all over Lagos State.

This year’s competition revolves around the “Theme: Nigeria Will be Great If …”, with different schools competing in various categories such as traditional dance, poetry, drama, and music. Students are to display their talents, creativity, and prowess in interpreting the theme.

The CEO of Aijay Media, Mrs. Ijeoma Oka, said that the competition is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents, celebrate their cultural identity and proffer their own solutions to the anomalies in our country.

The Competition is also an opportunity for schools to win prizes, including educational materials. This Last year’s competition saw many schools taking home prizes, with Tenderhands Montessori School, Lagos emerging as the overall winner.

Mrs. Abiola-Seriki Ayeni was the Special guest of honour at the previous year’s competition. Speaking at the event, she commended Aijay Media for organizing the competition and called on well-meaning Nigerians, government, and companies to support this vision. She also urged Nigerian youths to embrace their cultural heritage, promote national unity, and work harder.

Given the success this competition is expected to attract, it is expected that more schools and organizations will participate in the future.

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