Opinion: Potentiality Digest: Give Yourself Permission to Fail

By Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem
Sometimes we do things to build up experience and stamina to prepare us, but it’s to prepare us for something bigger. Always know you could be on the precipice of something great—that’s being connected to your higher self. It’s also a good way to keep those negative thoughts far away.” – Donald J. Trump
As mysterious as life is, and as subjective we have to be to life’s situations when they are being fully revealed to us, there is one thing we all crave in our quest, no matter the endeavour we embraced or the walks of life we follow. And what is that common phenomenon we all crave? It is success!
Regardless of what we are doing in life, the need to be successful is the major drive that prompts us to start the journey of life, irrespective of the time or age we discover that there is a cause for our living, and to fulfill that cause, it is our responsibility to task and challenge ourselves to follow the line that adds value to our name, and not otherwise.
The reason why we all desire success is simple: Its rewards are comforting, its echoes are soothing, its memories are relishing, its experience is incomparable! That’s why, when we are asked to define success, our definitions would possess some attributes that reflect our different perceptions and impressions of it.
But, no matter how we perceived success, what makes success to be meaningful is what we have being through to achieve it. Some may be successful by dint of accident. Yes. But they can’t deny it that their success is a reward of decisions, efforts and prices they have paid to earn the prize. Therefore, this means that for anyone to be successful, we must give ourselves permission to fail.
Ask yourself these questions: How many times have you taken another adventure to test or assess your competencies? How many times have you risen to a challenge or situation where you will feel vulnerable? How many times have you expose yourself to your weaknesses, in order for you to turn them to strength? How many times have you done something that makes you vulnerable, what squeezed you and flattened you?
You will not achieve lasting success if you cannot allow the waves of your interest to drift you to where you will be challenged, criticised or condemned; if you cannot sacrifice your pride in order to gain the status you desires, if you cannot be exposed to new things, which you have minimal or limited knowledge, but which knowing it will refine your feelings and shape the remarks you accord yourself.
Many potentiality have been underutilised because the people carrying them are too cautious and reluctant to do something that give them approval of what they are lacking. They remain the same all days of their lives because they always think they already have it all. They don’t positively ponder on the advice of Lynn McTaggart “What you think today determines how you live tomorrow.”
It is because Albert Einstein think that he needed to give himself approval to fail, that was how he invented the light bulb and the day he died, Americans paid tribute to him to experiment how the world would be without his invention. It was the zeal to change the notion that women folks cannot pilot the jet that charged late Tolulope Arotile to become a hero today!
It is because Paulo Coelho is ready to hear from people what he cannot do, that is why he is one of the most celebrated authors today. Because Barack Obama realised that becoming the president of America would change his status from ordinary African to the first ever Black American to attain the title of the president of the United States, that was why he aspired for the post. And he did what? He succeeded, because he gave himself permission to fail!
By default, we are all a failure. However, we start becoming successful when we begin to sacrifice what we have to achieve what we need, when we keep venturing from our dark spot to uncover our spotlight. You can’t be freed from the world’s deluge, if you don’t keep doing what will be revealing your true power, worth and identity to you.
Remember, we are all carved for greatness. For you to become great, you must be ready to turn your bruises to blessings; hurts to hope, failures to forte, friction to fluid. The mark inscribed in you to be of significance in this world is too potent and enormous for you to ignore. The world you can access is in direct opposite of the limiting factors you are acting to overcome.
SULYMAN, Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.” He can be reached via +2348132226994

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