Ghana Yet to Forgive Nigeria for the Ghana Must Go Episode – Dele Momodu

By Eric Elezuo

Celebrity journalist and Chairman, Ovation Media Group, Chief Dele Momodu, has said that the animosity the Ghana authorities still hold against Nigeria today is traceable to the 1983 ‘Ghana Must Go’ episode.

Momodu said this when he granted a comprehensive interview with the Sunday Punch over the present diplomatic row between both countries.

“From time to time, there have been skirmishes but not this pronounced before now, though it gets worse when their election is approaching, which is on December 7. I think that is what has caused this present one, but like I said, they haven’t forgiven us for the ‘Ghana Must Go’ era. They might not mention it but I think somehow that is the underlying factor,” he said.

He questioned the rationale behind asking a businessman to cough out $1 million when such amount can take care of the person in his own country, buy choice property in Banana Island or even Beverly Hills in the United States of America.

“How? If a man has $1m, will he leave his country? With that amount, you would still get a good property in Banana Island. Even in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, if you have $1m cash you are a king,” he noted.

The celebrity, who has since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, been involved in giving palliatives to indigent Nigerians, also said that Ghana’s bitterness against Nigerians is as a result of their belief that Nigerians are loud and boastful, including alleging that they bring their money to Ghana to corrupt their people, especially their women.

“That bitterness is still there, and then they believe Nigerians are boastful and flamboyant while they don’t like too much noise. They also believe that Nigerians are bringing money to corrupt their people, especially women,” he said

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