Eko Club In Crisis Over Ade Dosunmu’s Selection As New President

There is tension in the air at the popular social organisation, Eko Club following yesterday’s announcement of Politician, Dr Shamsideen Ade Dosunmu as the incoming President of the club.
Some members have begun a silent revolt insisting that Dosunmu was not the right candidate for the position and has been selected illegally by the Club’s influential Guardian Council.

We were told that  Dosunmu who contestant and lost Gubernatorial and Senatorial elections in Lagos should have been disqualified if the laws stipulated in the club’s constitution were strictly obeyed.

According to Article 35 Section 2c of the 2014 Amended Constitution of the Club, “All interested members to be considered for selection for the post of President and Vice President should disclose their interest in writing to the Guardian Council within two months of the stipulated election and such interested member should have been financial members and regular users of the club for not less than 15 years with proven integrity antecedents”

official list of 2018 List of Financial members

The Boss gathered that Dr Dosunmu during his interview conducted yesterday told the Guardian Council that indeed he was not a financial or regular member, this is the reason some members are unhappy with the Guardian Council which they have now described as a Cabal.

Documents made available to The Boss revealed that Dr Ade Dosunmu’s name is not on the list of financial members published by the Club at the end of the financial year 2018. In fact, the list made available to us indicate that Dr Dosunmu, whose membership number is 579 is missing.

He reportedly paid his annual dues on January 18, 2019, which clearly contravenes the laid down provisions of the popular club which was formed in 1974.

Members are at a loss why the Guardian Council had taken this decision that is capable of throwing the club into disarray especially as the current President, Chief Tunde Fanimokun had been adjudged by everyone to have performed excellently well.

When we visited the Club, a member who begged for anonymity told us that Chief Fanimokun had used his expertise and experience to develop the club.

Chief Tunde Fanimokun receiving the Most Innovative Social Club Award on behalf of Eko Club

“He has completely renovated two of the club halls, and has even begun an extension project that will be opened later this month. He has been working at a pace never before seen at Eko Club and this is probably what has made some people, especially those who have turned themselves into a cabal very  uncomfortable.
 Fanimokun more that deserves a new term, he has been very honest in the management of the  Club, I can tell you that majority of members will not allow this decision by the Council to stand” He stated.
We have not been able to reach the major actors involved in this drama for comments

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