TB Joshua was no doubt a man who commanded great followership via impacts globally. His Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), located at Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos State, blossomed and attracted the world to Nigeria.

SCOAN became a centre of religious tourism for people across the globe, with many seeking healing and other miracles. Unofficial sources say the church attracts two million guests each year.

The 57-year-old was among the most sought-after preachers in his lifetime, drawing most of his followers and church members from Latin America, Europe and Africa.

He hosted presidents, the rich and the poor worldwide, and made tremendous impacts on sports development. He indiscriminately supported the down-trodden, helped nations in distressand brokered peace across countries.



Joshua’s philanthropic activities further portrayed the Synagogue Church of All Nations in a good light. By giving to the poor, Joshua presented his ministry as a movement concerned not only with the spiritual welfare of the people, but also with their physical prosperity.


Joshua also made a substantial contribution to the advancement of televangelism in Africa. For instance, the Emmanuel TV channel was founded in 2007 by Joshua and used extensively to showcase the activities of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. These activities include bible readings, teachings, testimonies of miracles, and Christian children’s programmes like cartoons.


As a mark of respect for him, many of his front line spiritual sons and direct protégés were physically present at the synagogue to celebrate his life and time. One of these is the general overseer of the Abuja based SHILOH WORD CHAPEL; Prophet I.O Samuel; In his own words, the clergy said “ the prophet you don’t honour, you cannot part take of his grace and anointing, many people see us excel in the prophetic ministry today, but they thought it is luck or chance, NO!, We have been products of true , consistent and direct followership of our father Prophet TB Joshua, look at this my friend and brother Prophet PETERS A.D, all the way from South Sudan. I can remember himself and I , were live on this SCOAN ground in the year 2011, On fasting asking for Grace 2011.


We were here together On Prayer Mountain under the Prophetic Training of Our Father Prophet TB Joshua. Today, by God’s grace we relate With Presidents; Leaders & Nations; that’s not luck but greatness through consistent followership with the man that carried grace. We are happy to be called his sons and protégées, his impact in our lives is visible, that is the power of true discipleship” Said the clergy.


Major followers of Prophet TB Joshua like, wise men and prophets now have ministries all gathered to pay last respect to him.


Major Followers, imparted Spiritual Sons of Snr Prophet TB Joshua. L-R Apostle John Chi; Christopher; Wise Man Daniel ; Harry ; and Prophet I O Samuel

Apostle Christopher ; John Chi; Daniel ; Harry And Prophet I O Samuel are all doing well in their various ministries., They all gather to pay last respect to their master.


All On Fire And Humility For Christ Watch Out How they Will keep Their Master’s Legacy worldwide All glory to God.

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