‘You Need Your Head Examined’ – Lagos Bizman Blasts Police Deputy Commissioner For Linking Him With Badoo Cult


A businessman, Chief Alaka Abayomi, has said the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) for Lagos State, Edgal Imohinmi, needs to have his head examined for linking him with the dreaded Badoo group.

Abayomi said this in an interview with newsmen following his implication by the police in the activities of the dreaded cult, which has left several people dead.

This is more so in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Abayomi, who was allegedly linked to a shrine in Ikorodu, was arrested from his house in Magodo Estate.

He said he had been worshipping a deity since his days as a resident of Ikorodu and this has spanned over 30 years.

He said it was shocking that after inviting him and he had volunteered a statement to the police on the issue, Imohinmi could then link him with the Badoo cult without further investigation or invitation to him.

He said it was only God that saved him from his filling station being burnt down by an irate mob over the allegation.

He put the cost of the filling station at over N3 billion.

Abayomi said: “I was invited by the Police on July 18 and I honoured the invitation, where I made a statement through writing.

“I was asked if I belonged to the Badoo cult group.

“I told them I do not belong to the group.

“I was further asked about a deity I worship.

“I told them yes that I have a dedicated traditional place of worship because that is the god I worship and believe in.

“After the interrogation, I was allowed to go home, only for the Police to storm my house at Magodo where I live on Sunday, 30th of July, 2017 and informed that the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations, Edgal Imohinmi, wants to see me and I followed them.

“On our way to the State Command, they stopped and picked two other persons.

“Getting to the State Command, I was detained and no one told me what offence I committed until the following day they brought me out and put me in a vehicle with pressmen and asked me to take them to my deity where I worship at Agbowa in Ikorodu.

“And I took them there.

“They searched everywhere and nothing incriminating was found.

“I have this deity, which I have worshipped for over 30 years.

“As far as I know in Ikorodu alone, there are over 100 deities people believe and worship.

“Nobody questioned them.

“Police searched everywhere and nothing incriminating was found, yet they tagged me a murderer and a leader of Badoo cult.

“If I may ask: If I am a leader or belong to Badoo cult group will police release me?

“For 30 good years, I have lived in Ikorodu.

“People know me as a businessman and know what type of business I do, but only God will vindicate me.

“I worship what I believe in and I did not know it is a crime.

“Every human being belongs to different religious groups.

“All the same, I know someone is trying to tarnish my image I have built for a long time.”


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