World Music Day: COSON Felicitates with Musicians

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), led by Chief Tony Okoroji, has sent greetings to musicians across Nigerian and the world on World Music Day celebrated in hundreds of cities around the world.

In his message, the former President of PMAN said “those of us who have been given the special gift to spread joy to mankind with our beautiful art of music must recognize that what we have is a rare privilege. At a time when many across the world are under tremendous stress and strife stares so much of mankind in the face, we must compellingly speak the language of music, the language of love, a language that knows no boarders and use our special gift to reduce hate, bring people together and put a smile on the faces of God’s children”

Okoroji, who recently released the song, “Happy Music”, has asked musicians across Nigeria to understand that they have an important role to play in providing a soothing balm on the frayed nerves of many and pouring cold water on the dangerous fire of hate being lit by some across the country. He pledged that as Nigerian musicians deploy themselves as agents of peace across the country, COSON would continually watch their backs.

Fete de la Musique or World Music Day 2017 is celebrated across the world on June 21, marking the beginning of summer solstice, i.e., the longest day of the year.

Initiated by France in 1982, World Music day has been adopted by over 120 nations. As a result, musicians from all genres and all ages, amateurs and experienced performers, gathered to perform at various public places such as streets, parks, gardens, stadiums, stations or halls, and all concerts and performances were free and was attended by all and sundry.

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