Why Jewel Howard Taylor is Preferred VP – Liberia Education Minister, George Werner


By Eric Elezuo

The Liberian Education Minister, Mr. George Werner, has stated undeniable facts why the CDC Vice Presidential candidate, Ms. Jewel Taylor, is well suited for the position.

The minister, who was first nominated in November 2014, stated that his interest in Ms. Taylor is brought to the fore, first because she, in her capacity, saw to it that he was confirmed as a minister.

“She confirmed me for two presidential appointments. She, after thoroughly evaluating my education, experience and skills, led her colleagues to confirm me as Director General of the Civil Service and Education Minister, he said.

In addition, the minister who ensure that Liberia has to work with private school companies to safeguard the future of Liberian children, also stated that Taylors qualification includes being ‘an experienced senator, a skill she’ll need as VP’.

Mr. Werner added that Mrs. Taylor is ‘strong, intelligent, articulate, and creative’. He maintained that such attributes will see her achieving quiet a lot.

Again, Mr. Werner confirmed that Taylor is a woman of her words, whose word is her bond, adding that whatever she says she will do is exactly what she will do.

Adding to his plethora of qualitative recommendations, Werner maintained that the presence of a woman in the administrative scheme of things will make a distinct difference.

“There must be a woman at the helm, after EJS, to champion women’s and girls’ issues. Jewel has a record for doing so as senator,” he said.

Further, the statesman stated that Ms. Taylor has distinguished herself in the public sector, practically getting her things herself without much of depending on anyone

“Jewel has fought for her place in public service. No one has given Jewel anything “just like that”. She earned her place in public service,” he added.

He concluded by explaining that ‘she’s a force to be reckoned with in Liberian politics, especially in a patriarchal society’, submitting that “I cannot hold Jewel accountable for Charles Taylor’s choices. We’re not the choices of our friends and loved ones.”

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