Train Crushes Music Listening Man at Ikeja Along


Ajibade Morakinyo Temilorun

Tragedy struck at the Ikeja Along end of the railway terminal when an oncoming train ran over a ‘disabled’ man, simply identified as Prince, who was listening to music with ear piece while attempting to cross the rail lines.

The incident happened at Obasa Road, off Adegbola Street at about 11am today.

Eye witness, who happened to be the sister of the victim, told our correspondent that the man was already on the rail line with two other friends before noticing the oncoming the metropolis train. However, his inability to hear the blaring horns of the train because of the ear piece on both ears made him fall victim to the train which chopped off his ankle in the bargain.

The sister of the victim claimed that there was no reason the man should not have heard or seen the train even as passers-by were shouting to him. She philosophically added that it was obvious ‘the rail was in need of blood’.

The victim and the severed ankle were rushed to the hospital immediately afterwards

More details later.

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