This is probably the worst news for Arsenal fans right now

Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger looks on ahead of their English Premier League soccer match against Newcastle United at St James' Park, Newcastle, England, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013. (AP Photo/Scott Heppell)

A large chunk of supporters of Arsenal Football Club will not be smiling  in the meantime as Chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, has admitted that manager Arsene Wenger will not leave the club anytime soon.
Wenger faced a lot of criticism and even an in-stadium protest after the Gunners suffered another collapse in the Premier League title race last season.

Gazidis insisted that the club believes that Wenger is still the man to deliver success at the Emirates.
“The reason that Arsene is here is because he believes that he can deliver success,” Gazidis told the Telegraph.

“If either of us didn’t believe that we would not be constrained by nostalgia or longing; we would have to make a change.

“He’s in his mid-sixties, it’s natural to think about when his time here might come to an end, but the truth is nobody knows.

“He is in fantastic shape. He is deeply engaged and excited. One of the biggest challenges we will face is the transition, whenever it happens, but that is not something we are going to be facing imminently. Obviously, he is going to be managing us next year and we are planning and making many decisions for the long term.”

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