The Rise and Crash of Olori Wuraola, Ooni’s Wife…

By Eric Elezuo

On March 12, 2016, beautiful and delectable Wuraola-Zynab Otiti Ogunwusi, became the wife of the 51st Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi in a lavish ceremoniy, and was granted the title, Yeyeluwa. The Ooni was crowned in December 2015.

Her Majesty Olori Wuraola-Zynab Otiti Otiti Ogunwusi was born in Benin, Edo State, and attended The European School of Economics. She is an internationally acclaimed real estate developer and Investor, and is involved in developments both in the Middle East and Africa.

However, life has not been the same for wuruola ever since she became the wife of the Ooni as rumour mills have consistently gone to town with one scandal after another regarding her alleged misdemeanors.

Shortly after the society wedding at both Benin and Ile-Ife, it was reported that the woman, who was originally called Sonia was married to a Lebanese, Elie Khouri, and was pregnant for the expatriate before she was allegedly forcefully married to the Ooni. Reports concluded that the pregnancy was aborted to pave the way for her new life as queen, just as the Ooni was accused of taking another person’s wife, and promised repercussion.

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Ever since, Olori Wuraola’s life has been dogged by one controversy after another. Recently, she was accused of improvising a baby bump when she was not actually pregnant, and following was the inordinate accusation that that the Olori was a bundle of infidelity, not sticking to her marital vows.

Investigations have revealed that the marriage was everything but good; a sham, plagued by suspicion, hatred and devoid of love.

Two prominent society men, Mr. Tunde Ayeni and Mr. Dayo Abiodun, were mentioned as part of the Olori infidelity escapades. The two men have since denied the allegation, claiming that they never went out with the wife of the revered Kabiyesi.

And today, everything seems to have fallen apart as the centre of the marriage can no longer hold. Both have gone their separate ways!

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The Olori, however, was not completely bad as she brought charm and happiness to the palace, creating warmth wherever she went with the Ooni and affecting as many that know her. It is reported that it her great charm and endowment that made the Ooni propose to her within days after their meeting. He even claimed their meeting was divinely ordained by Ifa himself. Many people have even suggested that the Ooni was desirous of from sharing from the Olori’s wealth, and that prompted his going close to her.

In partnership with her husband, she has created several humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives in their quest for peace and unity across Africa. Her passion for bettering the lives of women and children from impoverished backgrounds can be seen through her work with various charities and foundations across Nigeria.

She has used her profile and position to raise awareness of important issues such as poverty, education, and environmental sustainability both domestically and around the world.


Whatever be the case, so called irreconcilable differences have torn the royal couple apart, and it is only hoped that the Olori manages to pick her pieces together and forge ahead, and in the worst case scenario, seek an appropriate medium to mediate positively for the good of the marriage.


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