Teargas deployed in banking hall as policemen and soldiers square off


Things went awry fast and soon enough, customers flocked together as one of the policemen discharged a teargas cannister right inside the banking hall filled with customers.

Here’s how This day newspaper reported the incident which took place at about 11am:


As some armed soldiers and armed policemen arrived, obviously on the invitation of their feuding colleagues, customers ran helter-skelter to avoid being caught in a possible crossfire.

The immediate cause of the fight between the lone soldier and the four policemen could not be ascertained, but a handful of men and staff of the bank intervened and stopped the fight.

When the fisticuffs ended, the soldier and some of the policemen had sustained injuries while the soldier’s uniform was torn.

The policemen, who were seething with anger, left the banking hall and waited outside while the soldier remained inside the hall.


Before long, some armed riot policemen and regular policemen drove-in in pickup trucks to the bank and demanded to see the soldier who was still holed up inside.

However, while the policemen were busy demanding to reach the soldier, a detachment of soldiers also arrived the bank in trucks; a development that led to sporadic shooting into the air, and scampering for safety by passers-by and onlookers.

But after wise counsel by the superior officers in both camps prevailed, some of the policemen and soldiers entered the banking hall to settle the rift.

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