Sports or Education: Which Would You Choose for Your Child

Many parents struggle with what to approve for their wards, although education is the best legacy in life and the power with which to change the world but the fact still remains that some children are psychologically down and weak, they only come alive with full force and energetic in sport.

However, different parent views it inversely on their children’s choice but with little opinion we can drive at something meaningful. A few Nigerians speak the minds of the generality of the public.

I think education, because only education can give one key to the whole world, but football can give you access to just few things. Education will help a child to know more, and be a man of his own. It will not be that somebody will be taking decision for you somewhere while you are doing it on the pitch. But with education, you can stand on your own, you can do anything on your own, so I think education is the best for me – Samuel

Education definitely! The reason is simple; education is the bed rock of life. The best legacy you can give your children is education – Kayode

Well, it depends on what the child wants but as for me, every one of us believes in education, but if the child decides to go on football, in as much he finishes secondary school, he can go for whatever he wants to go for. I will support him – Kayode Ayoola

Definitely, education is good but nowadays, you cannot decide for your children. I think the best option is for one to monitor his child and discover the kind of things he is good at to determine the next level. That is what I will do. But if I am to decide, I think education is the best – Williams



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