South West Has Some of the Most Enlightened Voters – Seriake Dickson


By Eric Elezuo

The Executive Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Seriake Dickson, has declared that the South West region of the country can boast of some the enlightened voters in Nigeria today.

Chief Dickson was speaking in reaction to a question from TheBoss Publisher, Chief Dele Momodu, during a one on one chat in Lagos, and published in today’s edition of Pendulum.

Dickson, who was in Lagos on a reconciliation mission to soothe the nerves of members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from the South West following their inability to grab the chairmanship of the party against all expectation, said his team will do everything possible to achieve the unity of the party, and  restore the confidence of the South West members.

“Do you think PDP can bounce back in 2019 now that it seems your convention has produced more bitterness than joy” was Chief Momodu’s question.

“He responded that he and his reconciliation team would do everything possible to achieve unity in the Party. He admitted that no serious Party can treat the South West like outcasts without getting punished resoundingly at the polls. I was stunned by his revelation. The South West has some of the most enlightened voters in the country. ‘We need every vote we can get and South West is definitely included…’”

Speaking further, the Governor stressed that he would love to see a Nigeria where leaders see themselves first as Nigerians before anything else thereby committing themselves to the development of the nation irrespective of secondary references.

“The Governor told me that his dream is to have leaders who would see themselves first as Nigerians and in so doing believe in and commit to the need to develop a country blessed with so much potential without reference to religious or ethnic sentiments.”

Smacking from the euphoria of his dual Nigerian background, as he hails from both Bayelsa and Ogun states, the Governor said he feels comfortable wherever he finds himself, saying that should be the way every Nigerian should feel provided industrialisation becomes the order of the day in the country.

“This makes him to feel comfortable wherever he finds himself. He strongly feels that every Nigerian should similarly be comfortable whether or not they have the kind of background that he has. This can only be accomplished when the entire country is industrialised to such an extent that infrastructural facilities abound everywhere to generate, employment, income and growth.”

It would be recalled that Prince Uche Secondus from the South South was voted as the new PDP chairman during the last party’s convention in Abuja to the chagrin of the South West party members.


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