Senate unanimously agree that Buhari’s economic policy has failed

President Buhari
The Senate on Thursday derided the current economic policy of the Federal Government, asking the presidency to chart a new path towards ensuring revival of the nation’s economy.
Virtually all the senators, who spoke on the economy at the special session of the Senate to mark its one year of parliamentary business, were unanimous in their submission that the current economic policy of the government is not working.
They urged the president to make a fast move towards saving the nation from going into economic recession which, they said, is staring the country in the face.
Leading the pack on Thursday, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, said that the government needs to change its policy, towards ensuring that the best is made available to the country so that viability will be achieved in the nation’s economy.
He specifically urged the president to consider tinkering with his current team, which the Senate president noted does not contain the best of brains the nation has in its arsenal.
The Senate president also admitted that the government’s economic policy has failed because the necessary decisions were not taken at the executive and legislative levels toward ensuring the revival of the nation’s economy.
The president, he said, must do away with party loyalty if he desires to have the best human resources to work with.
He noted that the president though has recorded some measure of success in the fight against insurgency and corruption; he, however, noted that the problem of hunger and lack among the populace must be addressed frontally.
“While the government has made progress in the fight against Boko Haram and in the fight against corruption, the fight against mass poverty remains a daunting challenge.
“Rising cost of living, increased cases of retrenchment and corresponding rise in unemployment, inability of state governors to pay salaries, upsurge in ethnic-based agitation, potentially deny government the full credit of the great strides it has made in other areas.
“The same energy that has been invested in fighting corruption and Boko Haram must be invested in taking care of the people, in making life easier and better for them.
“We need to begin to assure Nigerians that the sacrifice that they make today will not be in vain. We need to begin to show them that there would be light at the end of the dark tunnel. So we must not relent in our efforts in this area over the next years ahead.
“These are serious challenges that require all hands to be on deck. There is no other time in our history than now when the business of government needs to be conducted with great inclusiveness.
“We must find a way to bring the best brains in our country on board wherever they may be found. Even those who did not vote for us but believe in the change that we all believe is necessary to move our country forward should be given a seat at the table.


  1. When the best of brains were appointed to oversee the economy what did we get? Right before their eyes the treasury was even stolen. Before this budget was past what did the senate do? We’re they not the ones that almost ruined it? They do not have the moral justification to say that the president’s economic policy has failed and that the president should repackage his economic team. This team are doing well putting into consideration the circumstance they find themselves. Leave them to do their work.

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