Resurgence of Ritual Rape, Killings in Ikorodu


By Eric Elezuo

The last has not been heard of the various crimes and atrocities that have pervaded the developing town of Ikorodu as a whole and the Ibeshe community in particular. This is in regards to ritual murders and rape of women irrespective of their age that tends to be the order of the day in the community.

However, accusing fingers have been pointed at a certain group, Badoo, who the Boss once reported is a group of four young people, difficult to catch, Police efforts notwithstanding.

Recently, it was reported that a candidate in the ongoing West African Senior School Certificate Examination was murdered in Ibeshe Tuntun, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, by suspected ritual killers.

The pupil’s parents were not spared in the clandestine attack, as they were also hacked to death in what was said to be a recurrence of the killings perpetrated by the assailants in the community.

The teenager, who was identified as Lucky Ebhodaghe, was the only child of the family, and a final year secondary school student, writing his school leaving exams when his life was cut short.

Media reports said that the killers gained entry into the house through the window, having torn the window net and cut some burglar-proof bars to gain access into the victims’ apartment late in the night. They were said to have inflicted machete cuts on the family members, leaving them for dead.

Ikorodu 5

Investigations further revealed that neighbours alledgedly did not hear of the attack, and were not aware of the of the incident until around midday of the next day, when Ebhodaghe’s friends and a teacher visited the residence to know why he was not in school for the exams.

According to Punch report, a resident, who gave his name only as Dosu, said, “It was an attack by those criminals called Badoo. They entered the building after cutting the burglar-proof bars. They hacked the couple and their only son to death.

“The boy was sitting for WASSCE. He was supposed to sit for two exams on Tuesday– one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. His friends and one of his teachers were worried when he did not show up for the morning paper. They came to check on him after the first exam and found the door locked.

Ikorodu 1

It will be recalled that the gang had been involved in a myriad of attacks, rape and killings in the Ibeshe community and its environs in recent times, with either the Police looking the other way, or appear helpless in their efforts to curb the activities of the local terrorists.

Their score card of illicit activities includes storming a residence in the community in June 2016, where they allegedly killed a Ghanaian after raping her and inflicting injuries on her eight-month-old baby.

Again, in July 2017, the terror operators visited the community again, raped and blinded a 60-year-old woman, whose name was given as Francisca. Reports also had it that they brutalised the woman’s 10-year-old daughter for daring to raise the alarm.

Going further, on October 21, 2016, the gang reportedly attacked a family in Oluwoye community, Ibeshe, killing a 30-year-old pregnant woman, Afusat Yusuf. Her husband, Kazeem, and the couple’s two kids – Rodiat, six, and five-year-old Opeyemi – were also stabbed to death in what the community condemned as bizarre and heartless.

Ikorodu 2

It must be noted that the group has never been in the habit of sparing anyone, no matter the age, whenever they attack a given location, prompting a Psychologist to be to agree that the group “whoever they are, are under the influence of something; something greater than alcohol or drugs; something more sinister and supernatural. Something they cannot instantaneously control.”

His position is colloborated by a private security expert, Mr. Oyeyemi Akibu, the Managing Director of Indepth Watchers, who maintained that it is only the traditional rulers that can explain the unprovoked rape and attacks that only takes place in the midnights after targeted victims.

He said: The community should hold their traditional rulers responsible for these incidents. Only them can explain the rationale behind attacks on women, who it was alleged they clean their vaginas with white clothes after raping them, and them killing them.”

Unfortunately, however, no one has survived their attacks to tell a story.

In addition, on December 26, 2016, the attackers allegedly struck on Saka Adegbose Street, off Olu Odo Road, Ikorodu, killing two siblings, Azeezat Oriade and Abeeb Oriade.

On March 1, 2017, they struck again, this time against a family on Masafejo Street, Agbowa, Ikorodu, killing three siblings between the ages of four and nine. Their mother was not spared also.

Their nefarious activities which were said to have shifted to Ishewo, a suburb of Ikorodu, have become unbearable even as they natives said they have in recent times enjoyed relative peace.

According to a resident, the incident caught the community unawares, as there seem not to have occurred such incident in recent times.

“We heard that the bad boys had relocated to Ishewo where the residents flee in fear, not knowing that they had also targeted us. It is not fair, to wipe out a whole family in one night,” he said.

A policeman, who did not speak on behalf of the community, but craved anonymity, said the force is ‘redoubling its efforts to bring normalcy back to the community, which has witnessed a lot of bloodletting, rape and total intimidation.

While the Police are battling to redouble their efforts, it is not known when the residents of Ibeshe will know peace again.

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