Prevalent Cold Weather: HOODIES to the Rescue


By Jane Efagwu

If you live in Lagos or Nigeria, you must have experienced the recent downpours that have left some people with serious cases of cold and catarrh. The rain itself has also ruined some outfits as well as crushed some self esteems, but not to worry, we’ve got a lasting solution to this problem: HOODIES! Yes those stylist shirts made with thick fabrics with hoods around the neck.

Hood 3

The thickness of the shirt helps prevent cold from penetrating through your body which strikes off the possibility of catching a cold. When worn on the head, the hood on the neck helps prevents rain from touching you hair or head and also creates some form of body heat around that area.

Hood 4

Last but not the least, hoodies or sweatshirts are available in different beautiful colours and styles and sizes to fit everyone’s style and need. So you can kiss those cold and catarrh pills goodbye!

Hood 2


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