Places of Worship and Drive for Dress Codes


Story: Annabelle Atangakak

Wondered why people can’t walk stack naked around houses and streets rather than wear clothes? Clothes were designed to cover the human body as well as make one look presentable. One may wonder however, why, after all, women wear bikinis for photo shoot, swimming and the like. Well, it is recognized to be the appropriate outfit for the location.

Dating back to the creation days, Adam and Eve paraded the Garden of Eden and even went before the presence of God stack naked before they ate the forbidden fruit which opened their eyes to the realization that they were naked.


In the world today rules and regulations have been made to differentiate the good from the evil; the same way God gave the tablet inscribed with the twelve commandments to Moses for his people to abide by.

Churches today work by doctrines that guides them in all things, just as Muslims have rules that guides them on what to do and what not to do.

It has been made a public notice that Christians do not wear trousers to church neither should they walk into the house of God without their headgears as women and with headgears as men. When talking about religious attires, does it apply to the women alone because they have the physic that leads men into temptation, forgetting that women also fall into temptation by the supposed dressing of men?

While some churches welcome and promote wearing of trousers, others preach against it. However, those who are against it base their stand on Deuteronomy 22: 5, which says: “The woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

Giving the quotation from the bible, is it also at heart that men wear that which applies to a woman as women wear that which belongs to men? The Igbos Edo, Urobho and to mention, even Scotland men tie wrapper and wear skirt.


Churches, which do not condemn wearing of trousers by women, believe that grace has put an end to such law.

It was noticed at the entrance of the Anglican Cathedral Church of Saint Mary in Anambra State, of a banner which bans its women from wearing trousers into the church. The message was boldly inscribed in front of the church gate and signed by the church management to show its level of seriousness.

Does wearing of trousers to worship in the house of God therefore, make a female unholy or unclean? Does it any way imply that their praises, prayers or worship would not be acceptable to God?

Taofeek Adebayo, an Imam of Ijaye Muslim Community Mosque, in an interview with the Boss said as Christians have things guarding them in their various denominations, so do Muslims have what guides them.

“Yes Muslim brothers and sisters have what guides them on how to go to the Mosque. Allah said in Quran 7 vs 31, that while going to mosque, you should dress properly and not expose your body,” Imam Taofeek.

Muslim sisters are not forbidden from wearing trousers at all but they are forbidden from wearing tight trouser, skinny jean or any attire that belongs to then men.  Muslim sisters can only wear free trousers but with a dress worn on it to the mosque however it does not prohibit them from wearing this same free trousers outside the mosque because the Islamic belief permits them to wear these free trousers.

He added that there are punishments spelt out for Muslim brothers and sisters who refuse to adhere to Quranic laws guiding dress code in the world of Islam, saying that “there is punishment because they do not follow the injunction of Allah, and for creating problems on earth by exposing their bodies.

He sheds more light by saying “Muslim brothers and sisters should try as much as possible to refrain from it and be grateful to Allah by following his commandments and that of his prophet. They should also know that they are creating a lot of problems on earth by wearing that which the Quran has forbidden, both in the mosque and outside the mosque.

Segun Ladeinde, a Reverend of Church of Nigerian Anglican Communion, Lagos, during an exclusive interview stated that that wearing or no wearing of trousers to church is a matter of choice, cultural belief or home upbringing.

He further quoted first Corinthians 10:23, which says “All things are lawful but not all things are expedient. All things are lawful but all things do not edify.”

He told our correspondent that “wearing or not wearing of trousers in the Anglican Church is not important. The most important thing is that we should not wear anything offensive”.

Every Christ like gathering looks and condemns only what its female worshipers wear or how they dress to church. Nevertheless, it should be of utmost consideration that not only the women can put one to temptation, stressing that a man can also lead a woman into temptation by the way he dresses.

How does a man put a woman to temptation? The Boss inquired. “He dresses in a way that shows off his abs and tight pant-trousers, to church, however if the way one dresses to the house of God determines if he would serve god then let not just the women be monitored but the men as well,” a social commentator proffered.

The world as a whole is a difficult place where everyone has to struggle to make ends meet but how difficult can life be when we adhere to simple principles or laws that guides residential areas, church premises and not to even mention our homes. Ordinarily, the world is guided by the Ten Commandments given to humans by God therefore rules or laws are not and should not be a new thing to any individual because it existed long before now. If a house of God does not permit the wearing of certain attires into the house of God, why not adhere to the rules for it only exist while in the house and not outside.



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