No to your ambassadorial list, Senate tells Buhari


Nigerian Senate, today, rejected President Muhammadu Buhari ambassadorial list for lacking principle of federal character.

The Senate, however asked the Committee on Foreign Affairs to look into irregularities surrounding the Ambassadorial Nominees List and report back in a week. The following represents the steps the senators took prior to turning down the much awaited list.
Sen Dariye moved that the Minister of Foreign Affairs be summoned to explain the irregularities surrounding the Ambassadorial Nominees List.

Senator Adeyeye said “I have been approached by qualified candidates who didn’t make the list for their states.” He supported the summon.

Senator Ogbuoji now speaking says the Ambassadorial Nominees List had Assistant. Directors in it while Directors who are qualified didn’t make it

Senator Foster Ogola moved that the Ambassadorial Nominees List should be returned until all states of the Federation are duly represented.

Senator Shehu Sani said they have been series of complains from states as regards the Ambassadorial Nominees List

The Senate resolved to summon the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary General of the Federation to appear before the Senate to explain irregularities of the list.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki concluded by urging the Foreign Affairs Committee to address the issues surrounding the list before the screening can commence.

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