Nigerians Speak On Buhari’s Return (Speaker 8 Will Surprise You)


As the news of the arrival of President Mohammadu Buhari made the rounds Saturday, the Boss reporters, ERIC ELEZUO and DEBORAH OLATUBOSUN, took to the streets of Lagos to know the feelings of residents, and below are her findings:

I don’t feel anything. I don’t believe it really changes anything because when he was around, he didn’t make much impact. I’m an APC person, but I feel Baba has been to handle things properly. I’ll rather say Acting President Yemi Osibanjo has done a better job.
There were times he was okay but nothing happened. And the period he has been away, haven’t been so bad – Jessica Lee

Well, my feelings are mixed though I feel it will bring a kind of stability and sanity to the system. Also with the election coming soon, one can only say it will help understand the direction the president will be facing concerning it. Let’s just hope he allows the VP to continue his economic policy drive – Deji Oluwarotimi

To me, it didn’t make a difference. It wasn’t so great for the economy while he was in office before his over 100 days disappearance. So hopefully he has settled his health problems for now, and should be able to carry out his duties. In all honesty, he wasn’t very active before his illness; he spent more time tackling individuals than governance thusworsening any little hope of getting the economy to a favorable point.
I’m hoping for the best for the country… and that includes Buhari putting the needs of the country and its citizens first rather than using his position to vent his anger on individuals he might consider enemies or have a history with – Agba Prince

I’m happy he’s back sha….I guess he’s better now….he should come take his place as the president…. and continue what he started ……and I believe Nigeria will be a better country – Damilola George

It’s a good thing he came back. It’s going to stop the noise people are making about his death. I don’t think anything changes though – Wunmi Kareem

Thank God he’s back finally, but I think he should quietly retire to his home and take good care of himself. His life is more important that power he wants to die for – Mike Okedi
Hmmm, now that he is fit, he can now think and decide for himself. I just hope that his Monday broadcast will be his resignation. Anything other than that will be back to square one, and won’t make any sense at all – Okemute Elemure
Good he is back. It is a shame to his detractors and likes of Governor Fayose and Fani-Kayode – Olabisi Abimbola
Whether he is back and not is neither my business nor my concern. We are clamouring for Biafra so Nigeria’s problem is their problem – Okey Udi


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