Meeting with Facebook Founder: Kunle Afolayan Replies Critics


Story by: Ajibade Morakinyo Temilorun

Award-winning Film maker and Actor, Kunle Afolayan, has replied those who posted negative comments about his meeting with Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, last week.

The Actor took to his Facebook page yesterday to advise those people on what they should do instead of trying to bring him down.

According to Kunle in the video message:

“I just want to correct this notion. My meeting with Mark of Facebook was not an accident rather it was something that was properly planned. I was contacted by the Facebook team weeks before his arrival to Nigeria, and I didn’t know he was going to come. But he came, and I was privileged to meet him.”

He then went on to reveal what transpired during his one-on-one encounter with Zuckerberg: “Facebook can come to Nigeria; they can speak to us and look for how to expand their businesses, but what are we getting back in Nigeria? Why can’t we also put content on Facebook and monetize it? Because a lot of us post content on Facebook and we pay.

“For me, growth is what I am interested in, and what I would always advocate, and it was about the possibility of growth that I discussed with Mark”

“I am destined to be where I am. It is not by my making, and anybody who is trying to emulate the same thing. I am very sure if you put your mind to it. You will definitely get there.

“But all those negative comments and contents, especially from those jobless people, who have no other thing to do but sit on blogs and if you see their comments, you will see anonymous because they are losers. They are failures. They have nothing going for them, and all they have to do is look at someone who is growing and doing something good, and they just want to bring them down.

“I got a lot of positive comments from people who are forward-looking, and believe in growth and potentials. But some losers who have their own platform online, and not doing so well, they rush to facebook to post things. Is Facebook the only platform?

“That is one of the problems we have in Nigeria, a lot of us will see someone growing, all they want is to bring a prosperous being down. Instead of supporting what we have, coming together and doing collaboration for our prosperity.”

A visibly upset Afolayan said he was willing to work with all progressive-minded people to seek greater growth of the movie industry, and would always use any opportunity he gets to promote our talents and ideas.

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