Meet Favour the Saxophonist: The 13-Year-Old Wonder kid


By Eric Elezuo

Watching this 13-year-old kid saxophonist perform at the ongoing Copyright Society of Nigeria week during the COSON in the Church session, one would definitely conclude that she was made for the greater things. The confidence, candour and utmost professionalism with which she handles her craft will leave even well-defined saxophonists gaping in wonderment.

She was born Omolara Favour Emeka, the second child of a family of five. While her father is from Abia State, her mum is from Osun State, and that explains her dual stateship and combination of both Yoruba and Igbo names.

“I started playing music when I was ten years, and it was not by accident. I was born into music as my maternal grandmother, Akinlabi Olawore was amusician, and so was my uncle, Tunde Olawore. My aunt is not left out. Music runs in the family,” she said.

The kid prodigy, whose only challenge is herself, confessed that she is always under pressure to put in more efforts, and extra time because her audience are always asking for more whenever she performs.

The prolific performer, who plans to tour the world someday to tell people how faithful God has been, is inspired by talents such as Kunle Ajayi, Mike Aremu, BJ Sax, Hezekiah Sax, Solomon Sax, Ola Sax, Kay Sax and Em­manuel Sax.

She said: “I don’t wait to earn money when I play. I just do my job and my joy is in the fact that I am a minister in God’s vineyard. I am always very happy to minister to people with my sax. Many people depend on human beings for reward but for me, I don’t because I believe that it’s only God that can reward.”

Favour had said that if she had not been a musician, there was absolutely nothing else she could have done. She would want to be remembered as a passionate saxophonist, who does her job without waiting for anyone to reward her.

With total support from her parents, Favour has churned out some albums which include Wonder, done as a response to her fans’ demand.

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