Meet Christian man who was nearly stabbed to death for not fasting


Kaduna State witnessed another bout of religious turmoil when when six youths believed to be Muslims stabbed a man for eating at a restaurant during Ramadan fasting.

Francis Emmanuel had gone to eat when he was accosted by 6 youths who stormed the restaurant and stabbed him repeatedly.

Emmanual was immediately rushed to St. Gerald Catholic Hospital about a kilometre from Sokoto Street, Kakuri where he was stabbed.

Nasir El Rufai, the governor of the state, upon knowledge of the attack, visited the victim at the hospital and promised to fish out the culprits so they can be prosecuted by the law.

Emmanuel, according to reports, almost lost his right arm from the deep cuts inflicted on him by the rampaging fanatics even as he sustained severe machete wounds on various parts of his body, especially around his left chin and back.

Speaking from his sick bed, Emmanuel said he was having his lunch in the restaurant when the boys pounced on him for not fasting.

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