MASSOB Accuses Igbo Leaders Of Betrayal


MASSOB leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu, who spoke for the secessionist group, described the decisions reached at the Enugu meeting as “insensitive.”

He stressed that the outcome of the meeting would not derail the struggle for realisation of Biafra, saying the position of the leaders could only postpone the “inevitable.”

Madu stated, “The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra berates Igbo religious, traditional, political and opinion leaders for their nonchalant and insensitive attitude towards the current agitation for Biafra.

“Why is it that whenever these self-acclaimed Igbo leaders meet among themselves or with the Nigerian Presidency, they always sideline the primary and principal reasons and cause of the Biafra agitation?

“Yesterday’s meeting of Igbo leaders in Enugu is tactically helping the Nigerian government in postponing the explosion of the inevitable and unstoppable ticking time bomb which Nigeria is comfortably sitting on.

“Their decisions are not the true minds and positions of the people of Biafra – we want Biafra and nothing but Biafra.

“Nigeria must disintegrate; her faulty foundation has broken beyond repair.

“Majority of Igbo leaders have brazenly betrayed Igbo cause and interests in Nigeria.

“We wish to inform Ndigbo that the reawakening of the spirit and consciousness of Biafra among the people can never be demoralised again – the Biafra revolutionary struggle can no longer be betrayed by personal or group interests.”

The MASSOB leader expressed regrets that the Igbo elite, who, according to him, had gained a lot from the pro-Biafra agitation, did not appreciate the activists.

“In this struggle, numerous sacrifices have been made, supreme prices have been paid.

“We have been tortured, mesmerised, killed and incarcerated for the sake of Biafra and the glory of Ndigbo, yet we are neglected, abused and abandoned by people who benefit from our exploits,” he said.

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