Story: Ajibade Morakinyo Temilorun                           Photos: Funmilayo Adeyemi

Marywood Girls College recently held its arts exhibition, expressing the artistic prowess of its students to the admiration of parents and art lovers.

The Principal of Maryhood College, Rev. Sister Getrude Elelegun
The Principal of Marywood College, Rev. Sister Getrude Elelegun

The school’s Administrator, Reverend Sister Gertrude Elelegun, made it clear that art is beautiful and a way for the students to show-case their talents.

Mr. Dotun Alabi with one of the Artists
Mr. Dotun Alabi with one of the Artists

“There are many of them, who are gifted, and art is the best way to promote culture, bring beauty to life and existence. So, today is a great day to them and their parents; God created the world in an artistic way, and so, even the human being on earth is very artistic in look and anatomy,” she said.

Barley Dancers

She added that art is not only about studying Visual Art in higher institution, but it’s a natural thing that comes on man, and which everyone must acknowledge.

Marywood Junior Secondary School students
Marywood Junior Secondary School students

“I appreciate art and anyone that wants to study it, because Art gives money to those that gives full concentration to it and also a means to skip the stress of unemployment in the country.”

Flash Mob Group
Flash Mob Group

The Chairman of Society of Nigerian Artists, Mr. Dotun Alabi, in his opening speech advised parents to encourage their child that have interest in visual art, adding that government should do something to make people appreciate art.


Amarachukwu Okafor showcasing her artwork

“Government can promote the arts through the construction of more galleries, providing special grants to artists, and making art a subject compulsory for both primary and secondary school students,” he said.


Olabanji Boluwatife explaining her artwork

Furthermore, the visual artist and fine art teacher behind the reality of the First Marywood Girls College Art Exhibition, “Mr. Ajibose Kayode, described the students as talented creatures with beautiful world in it.

The Cutting of the ribbon by Chairman of Society of Nigerian Artist by, Mr. Dotun Alabi
The Cutting of the ribbon by the Chairman, Mr. Dotun Alabi

“Their parents are the ones who can bring out this beautiful world in them, by giving them support in any way they need it, and eventually, they will become great in life”.

In addition, Okafor Amarachukwu, SSS 2 student who sculptured a sporting foot ware, stated that the art as the proudest work of her invention.

During the Table Tenis Game
During the Table Tenis Game

“This is the biggest project I will ever do, I went through a lot to achieve this, despite the fact that I had several injuries in the process, I made it through, and I am glad a lot of people like it”.


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