Making Money this Summer Just Got Easy, See Supertips

As a way of encouraging your entrepreneurial spirit, there is an enabling environment to help one source great bargains at very low prices.
First step, Download the MallforAfrica app from your favourite app store. Alternatively download and save the chrome extension from your browser. Or go to the site and follow the instructions.
5 money making retail Ideas on
Kids Apparel: You can never go wrong with great quality children’s apparel for all the summer holiday activities and sunshine! look through the site catalogue for hot deals at great prices and ship each for a dollar . Straight to your favourite pick up Centre. The parents in your circle will thank you. Better still you will make good money without breaking the bank. Yours and theirs.
visit boo hoo,(a participating store, ) carters, toyrsus and a host of other awesome stores  on
Weaves /Hair care and Skin Care :  Beauty ! Grooming! (N N N )!!! our partner stores  Ebony Line , Macy’s Ulta and many like them  have your back. Huge discounts on great quality wigs and weaves.  (no shed non-tangling human hair from starting at N7,000.00 !!!). Source the strongest quality wig making material and accessories. Secret ingredients for skin grooming. Any and everything beauty related. No fakes and awesome prices.  Your clients will follow you to the ends of the earth. Watch them glow, slay and keep coming back .  Get to Ebony line, Macy’s or Ulta on
Shapewear : With the strongest brands and the biggest discounts in shapewear ,all you need to get  clients and customers come flying  through your doors or ( advert page as the case may be) is stocked on For instance, from the app you may want to try the following store; clothingunder10 (shapewear category) which carries a huge variety of cinches, shapers, trainers, lifters, vests, bulge control and focus management all at the best possible prices on
Souvenirs / Gifts and Novelty Item supplies: Cool gifts and souvenirs: There is no reason not to take advantage of the celebratory nature of our beautiful society. Every weekend is a wedding. Key into the souvenir opportunities by sourcing fun, functional gift items to make those occasions memorable and carve a niche for yourself in the souvenir supply market.  For instance, check out this telescopic barbeque fork and a host of crazy, funny gifts and gags to make those events memorable.
From the visit the following stores : firebox, theworks and party packs
Designer discounts on Shoes and Apparel: No we didn’t save the best for last. We just want you to salivate over the premium profits you’re about to make; once you hit up the following stores for your style savvy clients who know what they want, recognise brand quality and will pay premium for the right look try out the following stores Missguided, Hawes and Curtis, Boohoo,  ship from these stores at Three hundred and Seventy naira per item to your preferred pick up location.
Best of all supports you from the point you sign up and make your first purchase, to the point where you receive your orders. We take the hassle so you don’t fret.

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