Mrs. Victoria Tandoh (m) flanked by the judges of the art competition

Story: Jesuloluwa Adebiyi                                                               Photos: Ken Ehimen

It is said that art in the life of a man depicts grace and beauty. This is because art is life and life is art. To commemorate the just concluded 2016 Children’s Day, Mrs. Victoria Tandoh, Managing Director of the King’s Children’s Foundation held a competition in arts for children.


This competition, according to Mrs. Tandoh, was organized to showcase the importance of arts in a society, and also to give the children an avenue to showcase their talents in art as well as explore the world of creativity.


The event commenced with an opening prayer after which the competitors were summoned to take their positions in the seats provided for them. There were representatives from Crown & Coronet School, Gbagada; Pampers Private School, Redeemers International School and Indian Language School. The competition was categorised into the following:


*3-5 years – Changing lives in our Homes

*6-8 years – Changing lives in our Environment

*9-12 years – Changing lives in the Whole World.

The competition commenced immediately and the competitors were allotted 20 minutes to complete their works. Afterwards, the works of the kids were displayed for assessment, and winners were announced.

Dr. Tunde Filani and Mrs. Victoria Tandoh with the winner of the Art Competition
Dr. Tunde Filani and Mrs. Victoria Tandoh with the winners of the Art Competition

The determination of winners was not that easy for the panel of judges, comprising Israel Benamasia, James Itodo, John Egwuatu and Ademola Oshin, who took time to do a thorough assessment of the works. Just before the winners were announced based on their various categories, Dr. Tunde Filani gave a toast to the admiration of parents and students and other guests.


While Nimshant  Ilsashak and Almeen  Oseni  emerged winners for the 3-5 years category which Changing lives in our homes as its theme, Inioluwa Lisane Akande, Taiwo Tolulope Joy, Mercy Elugbe Berkley emerged winners in the 6-8 years category with Changing lives in our Environment as theme.

For the 9 – 12 years category with ‘Changing lives in the Whole World’ as theme, Shreya Mishra, Ishita Vimal and Ishi Bhardwaj emerged winners.

Mrs. Victoria Tandoh with contestants
Mrs. Victoria Tandoh with contestants

With merriment and refreshment ongoing, Mrs. Esther Oghedegbe said the closing prayer, and everyone relapsed into networking and getting personal.

Ishita Vimal of Indian Language School
Ishita Vimal of Indian Language School




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