Joshua Dariye defects to APC


The former Plateau governor who now represents Plateau Central in the senate said he is defecting to the APC because of the divisions within the PDP which has seen two factions slug it out in the media, on the field and in court.

“My decision is informed by the protracted division at the national level of the PDP that led to the massive movement of my supporters to APC. Arising from this, I therefore write to formerly inform you of my decision to go along with my supporters. I thank you for your understanding,” Dariye said in a letter read by senate president Bukola Saraki at the floor of the senate on Thursday.

He is currently in court facing a N1.16 billion corruption suit brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from his time as Plateau governor between 1999 and 2007. The suit against Dariye is one of the longest running against a politically exposed person.

Dariye’s lawyers spent several years frustrating the case all the way to the Supreme Court which asked that it starts afresh after hitting Dariye for the delay tactics. The Supreme Court ruled last year after an eight-year delay that Dariye’s delay tactics was a “sad commentary” in the nation’s war against corruption.

In his defection letter, the senator said he took the decision after consulting with his constituents.

With the defection of Dariye, APC now has 59 senators, PDP has 43 senators while Labour Party has one.

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