Jaw Dropping Ankara Styles You Can Rock In

By: Adedayo Christiana

Everyone definitely wants to look great and commented on their dressings. Africa as a continent cherishes fashion a lot as it reflects culture. Much as there are different cultures with different modes of dressing, the fact still remains that occasionally new styles are introduced into the fashion world. Whether you are a fashion geek or not, the trending style will definitely leave you curious.

This year, the numerous style that are culled out of indigenous attires and fabrics like; Ankara, Lace, Adire, and many more  have been so appealing to the eyes.

Check out these wonderful fashion styled out of the Ankara material, which has gone beyond iro and buba to include The long fish tail gown, The flare gown, Off shoulder blouses, Pleated style, Blazers and vests, Ankara ties, suits etc.

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