Independence Day: My Country Needs to Undergo Austere Mechanical Workshop

Fans cheer on the Nigerian team during their World Cup qualifier soccer match against Algeria in Oran, Algeria September 4, 2005. Three goals in the last eight minutes ensured Nigeria kept alive their chances of World Cup qualification with a 5-2 away win over Algeria on Sunday.

By Mustapha Adebayor Muh’yedeen GCFR

As Nigeria celebrates October 1st, Independence Day. The question to ask ourselves is are we progressing or retrogressing?

Aside the adulterated Nigeria’s constitution that requires rigorous mechanical attention. The nation is also battling with lack of national leaders (nationalists), all we have are regional leaders defending their regions not minding Nigeria from the peril of collapse.

Everyday, churches and mosques are fast growing in the country which tells us that Nigerians are very good in prayer. But are we really sincere with ourselves, didn’t we lack the sincerity of purpose towards nation building.

The Yoruba adage says, “Amukun eru e wo oni Oke le n wo, e o wo Isale” literally a limp carrier attention was signalled to the perilous position of the load on his head while he replied in a very poor voice that the state of the load isn’t the problem while the injured leg is the problem”.

Meanwhile, the nation’s problem started 57 years back whereby our founding fathers had killed the future of Nigerians with regional ideologies. They never take cognisance of ‘One Nigeria’, they believed in regional Interests of what regions develop fast.

Nigeria at this very critical moment of regional advocacy needs a rebirth. The South West states are advocating for regional independence, the South Eastern States are agitating for Biafra nation while the North saying no to restructuring. It is very obvious that ‘national interest’ is outrightly lost in the country.

Therefore, the problem lies not with President Muhammadu Buhari nor his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) rather with those that inherit the ideologies of our so called founding fathers.

Nevertheless our federal system of government is more or less equal to a unitary system of government whereby power is arrogated at the central. And this calls for a true federalism of national conscience. We need to firmly Inculcate the ‘Change Mantra Ideology’, to switch over from regionalism, secession and the avarice of the North get it all.

The earlier we engage ourselves conscientiously for the oneness of the Federal Republic of Nigeria the brighter and better the chances of a healthy Nigeria that will meaningfully translate into reality on the lives of every nigerian. God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Happy Independence!

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