I Will Support One Nigeria If…, Says Nnamdi Kanu’s Loyalist

Nnamdi Kanu

Also, a social activist and a personal friend of Kanu, Law Mefor, described the allegations of Mohammed as far-fetched, saying the IPOB leader’s sources of finance were verifiable.

Mefor, who claimed to have visited Kanu in Umuahia not long ago, said people who believed in IPOB’s cause, had consistently supported the embattled pro-Biafran agitator.

He stated, “I have witnessed it, not once or twice, people bringing items from food items to money to Kanu to support what he is doing.  If the government is accusing looters, don’t those looters have bank accounts; can’t their transactions be monitored? Kanu’s source of money can’t be verified

“The fact of the matter is that Kanu is not alone in the struggle for Biafra. The struggle is about the exclusion of Igbo from Nigeria’s political space. Let it be known that IPOB is the biggest movement today; a movement that has entered an auto-pilot.”

Mefor, however, said he would support a united Nigeria if the Federal Government would address Igbo marginalisation and restructure Nigeria.

“It is very simple. Let the Federal Government address the marginalisation of the Igbo in Nigeria’s political equation and restructure the country. I will personally lead a campaign for ‘Biafra for one Nigeria’. The current structure is not working and we need to do something about it,” he said.

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