I Started Recording Music in Wardrobes – Dj Coublon


Emmanuel T. Edward        Photo: Ken Ehimen
The Nigerian music industry has without doubt made remarkable leaps and bounds, stemming from a fierce competition the industry has assumed over the years which has gradually separated the minions craving stardom by all means from those endowed with profound talents which have turned the country’s music landscape into a money spinning sector of the economy, working tirelessly hard to do us proud.
One needs not be a music connoisseur if you may, to acknowledge great works like “Lekwa ukwu, Duro, Woju, Laye, Ferrari,” to mention a few, which most certainly are the delight of listeners whether in pubs, radio request programs, countdowns and other mediums of musical entertainment.
My ears swerved in the direction of the music the first time I heard the song “woju ”in far away Dubai. As the soothing melody of that song gradually found appeal with my soul, I spontaneously began seeking information about its producer.
I really could not hold back my profound admiration for this young talent, known as Charles Ugochukwu Akwuba, aka Dj Coublon whose musical production brings joy across geographical boundaries.

The Aniocha born music producer is definitely a phenomenon. The evident creativity he brings to bear in his music production is a hallmark of exceptionality.
Born in Aniocha, Anambra State, South-East of Nigeria, where he finished his primary and secondary education, Music to Dj Coublon goes beyond passion. His early baptism into the world of music fostered his love for the art, as he began playing the keyboard and guitar at a tender age; having no inkling that one day his hands would make sweet melodies that will rock the world.
Being the first child in a family of six, Dj Coublon by all accounts is a role model for the youths whose exemplary standard inspired his four younger siblings as it is doing to many other youths today.
The graduate of Physics and Electronics from Veritas University, Abuja, took keen interest in the intrinsic relationship that exists between Physics and sound to create his own signature in music production.
His break came in 2014/2015 in a most fashionable manner when he regaled the music world with his afro-genius percussions on Tekno’s Duro, having entered a two year contract deal with Made Men Music Group (MMMG).
And just when we thought he had rested on his oars, he yet hit us with other massive songs; Woju and Laye, by Kiss Daniel.
Craving appetite for music
Having cut his teeth in music playing the keyboard and the guitar at a tender age the passion for music was discovered and easily fused into production seamlessly.
“I started production in 2007, that was when I left secondary school, then I used to make music and we were recording in our wardrobe, because I stayed in the hostel in my university days. My friends and I would record in the wardrobe which was more like a makeshift studio.”
While studying in the university, Dj Coublon began to consider music as a his career path, and decided to give production a try and so began an adventure and love affair that has propelled him to prominence, well ahead of many others in the industry.
“Physics had always been my passion as well as music, but my love for Physics gives my production a unique touch of dissimilarity that readily makes the evident difference between me and other producers. Physics allows me interact with sounds both physically and mentally, and also spiritually. It just enables me to have that versatility in creating sounds and good music.”


Early influences, challenges and major break
Reggae music has for a longer time that can be measured, been a strong and early motivation to young music talents with its rich unequivocal rhythm and evoking lyrics proven to be a source of inspiration for many budding talents.
“I grew up listening to lots of reggae music, because that was what my dad always listened to. And then, the major connection I had with music then was the choir. I was a bass singer. So, that spurred a keen interest for me playing the bass guitar.”
Disappointments and daunting challenges are unavoidable in climbing the ladder of success.
Dj Coublon didn’t quite find success on a soft landing as the maestro had to juggle between his music career and academics.
“I actually created a balance between it, because it’s not really easy, as much as we trying to manage stress. It was tasking balancing music with my studies, because I wanted to graduate with good grades and at the same time I was trying to harness my skill in music production.”
His arrival in Lagos kicked off on a rather sad note, where he and his manager were victims of ingenious deceit whilst trying to secure an apartment in the city.
“Well, nothing good comes easy. My manager and I were doing some productions for upcoming artistes in Onitsha, when he brought up an idea that we should move to the big city to do something extraordinary. We didn’t know anyone in Lagos at that time, but we just felt like doing something really different. So, we took a bus to Lagos and our first point of contact was Berger bus stop. We had to look for a place to stay and we called a supposed agent on phone, who then asked us to transfer some recharge cards so he could commence with the house hunt. We did send the recharge cards to him, but to our greatest surprise the agent switched off his phone after some minutes.”
Despite falling prey to fraudsters, Dj Coublon never gave up on his dreams, and ultimately fate played out in his favour when he made acquaintance with Mike Anyasodo, winner of MTN Project Fame season 2. It was his passion and talent that informed Mike’s judgment to introduce him to the Kukere crooner, Iyanya, with whom he later worked with on Lekwa ukwu.

Motivating factor, Afro beat sound and Personality
I wasn’t surprised when Dj Coublon, said to me that God is his source of motivation and inspiration, for the reason that such phrase is quite familiar with almost every artiste in Nigeria.
“I am grateful to God for everything because, he is my source of inspiration and motivation. “
The world seem to be attune with Afro beat music and Dj Coublon has carved out a niche for himself in that genre. His sounds convey and bring to life the rich smoothness of African instruments, creatively laced in seducing cadences. Little wonder, the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Tekno, Reekado Banks and other A-list artistes have taken interest to muscle in on his act.

“I thank God that the Afro beat sound is already trending on a worldwide scene, with the likes of Wizkid and other artistes representing our very own sound.”
Simple and fashionable; that’s what Dj Coublon is! At first sight, he has a charismatic figure, humble yet, with an air of exceeding intelligence. I was startled by his honed accent and pleasing smile. Dj Coublon has a penchant for good food and believes that the right nutritional value only helps the brain to process and work well.
“I love good food and I’m not shy to admit that. It really does not matter what I eat, as long it has the right nutritional value.”
Future plans
Right now, Dj Coublon can only appreciate the moment and be positively expectant.
“Well, it depends on the direction; it depends on what I see myself doing. Just to become a better person for myself, because we never know what tomorrow has in store for us. But I’ll always stay focused,” he said.

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