I Gave Up My Dream of Becoming a Lawyer for Music – Adekunle Gold


Story: Emmanuel T. Edward     Photos: Adekoya Adegbite       Stylist: Jide Reason

Simply a music bum so passionate about good music, I take music in my strides, either oozing from a headset, a surround theatre or some good channel. Good music strikes a deep cord with me.
Looking back at the days when music had not gone digital, when the Nigerian music industry assiduously struggled for global reputation and acceptance, the likes of Baba Fela, IK Dairo, King Sunny Ade, Mike Okri, Onyeka Owenu, Christie Essien and other erstwhile performers, trudged on the not-so-easy path and in no small measure projected our rich culture and heritage to the world, through their songs. They loved music and were mostly not in it for just the money. They laid the foundation for the current buoyant musical terrain in the country.
And like a bolt from the blues, the boom came, it blew up in our faces, churning out music stars and changing lives; impacting upon the length and breadth of the country.
Understandably, it also came with repetition of beats as artistes began to sound in a way similar and any new song could just be another jingle bell. Once in a while perhaps a track or two that could twinge your ears came but on the whole the monotony which began to permeate the industry bred boredom.

Before long we all began craving for a change; (certainly not the change mantra that was sold to us all by our politicians) an alternative genre or some creative blend of a few. And it came.
The dude with the Midas touch is a class-act, a thoroughbred street protégé called Adekunle Kosoko, but better known as Adekunle Gold. He brought the chaste and the new school tunes that he calls Urban-Highlife.
Gold is a Lagos State born artiste; a fine collected and complete gentleman with an aura of propriety.
Knowing the scores, he gifted our craving ears something different. An attestation to this is the simple, yet an approximate and well-scripted golden oldie, titled ‘Shade.’ An indigenous song it was! There was absolutely a good reason for the song’s widespread acceptance.
Although many were of the opinion that the song was only a remake of One Direction’s hit track, ‘Story of My Life,’ but seriously, who cares?

It was a brilliant remake and I say this without prejudice. From the finely blended percussions to the vocals; everything was done to the hilt. There certainly is no doubt that this genius is living up to the billing of a legend. Indeed blessed with musical adeptness.
Adekunle Gold is almost like a wish come through (true). The graduate of Arts and Industrial Design from Lagos State Polytechnic is a masterstroke of conventional graphic design, but his knack for music got the better of him. Much of this colossal success is anchored on his burning passion for music.
In an exclusive interview with Ovation International Magazine, Adekunle Gold extensively spoke on his dream of becoming a lawyer and how he ditched it for music.

In his words “Music started before every other thing. I knew I always had passion for art and even though I was going to be a lawyer at first, I knew that it wasn’t going to work out, because I hate to be beaten at anything. I am an articulate speaker still; I can’t subject my ego to beating. So, I gave up on the idea of becoming a lawyer and faced the reality, which is music.”
While some critics found fault with his album with a torrent of vicious reviews, the Urban – Highlife artiste gave deaf ears and went ahead to release his much anticipated debut album on iTunes, which fetched laudable credits. And for that matter, even the President’s daughter, Zahra Buhari commended his ingenuity on the album over Twitter.

All these compelling struts sure set Adekunle far off his ilk in the industry.
At the present, one can only wish Adekunle Gold the very best of luck as he takes a princely ascent to the zenith of music excellence.


Emmanuel T. Edward is an entertainment fanatic and a listener of good music. He can be reached on Twitter; @iam_sley, and Instagram; iam.sley




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