I am Returning with ‘Weep Not Children’ to Mark 30 Years on Stage – Majek Fashek


By Jane Efagwu, Deborah Olatunbosun and Funmilayo Adeyemi

The controversial Rainmaker crooner, Majek fashek and his team’s appearance at the premises of Ovation Media Group, owners of the Boss Newspaper, was almost an unbelievable sight. Dressed in his signature jeans trousers paired with a leather jacket and a hat to match, he looked every inch a healthier version of himself since his last rehab stint. His fleshy full face beamed with smiles as he interacted with members of staff. One need not be told that Fashek has definitely resurrected. The man was on a mission!

From releasing his first record, Prisoner of Conscience way back in 1988 to his ground breaking track, Send Down the Rain in 1991, Majek Fashek has definitely been on a mission all through his career. After being off the scene, musically, for a while, the man who gave bite to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song is returning for a double celebration. He is celebrating 30 years on stage with an album in September. As Majek gets ready to storm the music scene again, The Boss Newspaper (TBN) engaged the Africa Rock Reggae artist in a quick chat where he exposed the juicy details about the coming album and more. Excerpts:

How did you come about your nickname: The Rain Maker?

Well, I was given the name after I released my album, Rainmaker. We all know that God is the maker of every season whether rainy or sunny but when I travelled to the United States of America, the people there were fascinated by the name so it stuck a little longer. The “Rainmaker” basically came from my album but it was popularized by the Americans who loved me. The whites love weird and unbelievable things like that so it made me more popular.


What are you working on currently?

Currently I am celebrating 30 years on stage, and will be dropping an album titled Weep Not Children with it. It has been so long since Nigerians listened to good music so I’m coming back to give them my very best. The album will be released in September so I’m very excited.

What is the inspiration behind the album?

Well, the title Weep Not Children came from the bible actually. Children are the most innocent living creatures in the world yet they are the ones who suffer the most. Just this morning on my way out, I saw kids of tender ages hawking different items under very unfavourable conditions. One of them even washed my windscreen for money, and they are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow. It’s really sad that we have forgotten these young ones in our search for intangible wealth. These politicians and superstars of nowadays started as children, unfortunately, they have forgotten where they started. This album seeks to remember these kids who are hawking on the streets or spending their time in the orphanages to give them the hope they thought they’ve lost. It’s an album that even the average man walking on the street can relate to.


What is the total make up and content of the album?

The album itself contains eight songs produced according to my style of music which is Africa Rock Reggae. It has different messages which centre on society and its characteristics. It is meant to be a comeback since I’ve been off the scene for a while. I really hope to inspire and effect a change in the society.

Fashek fielding questions from The Boss crew
Fashek fielding questions from The Boss crew

It’s been 30 years already on stage for you. Could you please share the experience so far?

Well, 30 years is a long time to start and build a career and I’m really thankful for that. It’s been a wonderful ride and I thank the Holy Spirit for His guidance and protection. I have really gone through a lot- from travelling abroad to going to rehab and finally getting to this point in my life where I’m still alive to witness this great moment. I have been honoured by the Americans- they have my picture in a hall of fame in San Fransisco; gone through rehab and I must say, I have had my own share of life’s ups and downs. It hasn’t really been easy but I’m grateful to my ever dedicated fans, and most of all, the Most High for His guidance. This year makes it 30 years officially that the Rasta Man has been on stage and Jah is the reason.

You mentioned that this album will be different from the others in terms of fans’ experience. What exactly do you mean?

The thing is, prior to this album’s era, most musicians release songs to their fans all round as usual. Then they go ahead and host concerts in big places like Eko Hotel where their major fans who are the average members of society can’t even afford the tickets but these are the people who download and buy most of their CDs so it really isn’t fair to them at all. We are taking that and turning it around. The concerts that will follow the album release will be held in the streets and ghettos where the average man who earns like 20,000 or below can attend and still have a great time. I can never forget where I’m from so we’re taking it back to where it all started. I don’t want to be hypocritical about my music by leaving my true fans on the streets.


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