Hadizah Sule Lamido (1979 – 2017): The Story Behind Her Stories

By Eric Elezuo

Hadizah Sule Lamido, who called herself Hadeezah, was born in 1979 to the former two terms governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido.

She died in an Indian hospital in the early hours of Sunday, July 30, 2017 after losing a hard fought battle to breast cancer.

Evidence has however, emerged as to how the former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido contributed to the death of his daughter Hajia Hadiza, who died in India on Sunday after a protracted battle with Cancer.

Investigations revealed that the cancer was reportedly noticed when the beautiful Hadiza was pregnant for her little child, which she had in February 2016.

Investigation further revealed that the doctor had advised immediate operation, but the ex-governor, her father, insisted it must not be done because according to him, Hadizah did not have cancer, adding that he believes the lumps noticed were pregnancy induced, and that they will disappear after she put to bed.

When she eventually had the baby, Lamido visited her in the hospital, and only then did he realized the pains she was going through.

The ex-governor, who was once a subject of EFCC investigation, immediately made arrangements for her to move to Dubai for surgery which they rushed her to.
The Boss gathered that that was the last she was heard about concerning her health until the early Sunday news which announced her death.

It was said that the doctor had informed the family when she was pregnant that the cancer will spread fast more then usual if they don’t remove the lumps immediately, informing that with the intake of folic acid which help pregnant women to build blood, the cancer will be spreading along with it; an advice that was not heeded.
The source, which expressed blame for the ex-governor, also revealed the chequered life Hadiza had lived, stressing that her father gave her out in marriage at the age of 15, where she had her first two children. Hadiza is reported to have been heavily abused and maltreated in the marriage that she had to abandon it.
Again, while Sule Lamido was gunning for the governorship seat of Jigawa State, he gave her out to a member of the House of Representatives in marriage against the girl’s wish. She eventually ran away from the marriage to begin a new life on her own with the help of male friend whom she later became a second wife to.

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