Ghanaians Protest against President Akufo-Addo in London



Ghanaians from all walks of life in the United Kingdom and Ireland have gathered at Westminster to demonstrate against the government of President Akufo Addo who is at the location to have a town hall meeting with them. Instead of turning up to listen to President Akufo Addo they have rather taken a protest permit from the Metropolitan Police to demonstrate against their guest.

The permit which was granted early this week under reference SP2256 by the Metropolitan Police allows Ghanaians in the UK who are disgruntled by the corrupt leadership of Akufo Addo to register their views without fear or favour.

Updates from Westminster say that protesters have started arriving in large numbers causing traffic to jam on link roads around the British Parliament. Main trunk roads such as the Milbank, Victoria street, George Street, Broad Sanctuary and many nearby streets are clogged by the sheer number of Ghanaians thronging the location to expose the bold corruption taking place under the approving Presidency of Nana Akuffo Addo.

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