Gen Buba Marwa Supports Osinbajo, Praises Ovation International


The former Military Administrator of Lagos State, General Buba Marwa, has expressed his support for the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo for his giant strides since assuming the position of President Mohammadu Buhari in acting capacity.

The former no-nonsense administrator, who also heaped praises on Ovation International magazine, made his remarks in a letter addressed to the Publisher of Ovation Internationa magazine, Chief Dele Momodu, following a Pendulum piece titled My Picture of the Week, published Saturday.

Read the full text below:

This is a fantastic piece Dele. Fantastic. We have yet to see a vice (Ag) President of the ilk and pedigree, intellect and productive talent of Prof Osibanjo. He is simply far and away from all his predecessors. And also a man of God to boot. I read the article on social media you spoke about – and the timely rebuttal. It was clear to me that the Nigerian factor was at work , once you are doing the right thing be sure that the phd (pull him down) syndrome will be at play. I suffered it in Lagos from my military superiors. You suffered it too. I remember one of the editions of ovation which some people took great exception to : was it an abacha family wedding or something? But Ovation magazine is not a critique or political magazine. It focuses on celebrating the positive side of celebrities using photographs to maximum effect. If You want to read bad things about people, search elsewhere. So that is Nigeria. I saw the cross river picture with the child clasped to the president’s welcoming bosom – it was like a father and son embrace: Can you beat that?
Thank you for your piece this Saturday Dele. Most timely and encouraging. The best is yet to come from Osinbajo – just wait and see….insha Allah.

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