Gele Styles That Stand You Out

By Adedayo Christiana

Imagining this present fashion world, people are gradually going back to preserving culture and heritage. Stepping into occasions like weddings, burials, investiture, convocation, coronation, birthdays, house warming and the likes, people dress gorgeously in native attire. Not only that, they complement it with accessories like beads, chains, various shades make ups and the most hilarious part is their head tie known in local parlance as Gele.

Infinity pleats gele

Gele is a cloth for covering head for women. In other words, it is a specific head scarf, widely used by women predominantly in Western and Southern Nigeria. It is a part of the dressing which has lately become one of the most popular fashion accessories for women of different ages, and it is worn as a matching piece. Gele is made from different and special fabrics like: sego, jubilee, basin, damask, aso-oke, Ankara, brocade etc.

Small gele

The gele does not just end in the kind of fabric made from, some women also go extra mile to design the fabrics to their taste and this designing includes the stoned gele, beading gele and sequined gele.

Knot gele

Speaking of the amazing styles these gele are folded and warped on women’s’ head includes some of the popular ones which are:

Orente gele

Small gele, Sideway gele, Infinity pleats gele, take bow gele, icon gele, butterfly gele, double gele, knot gele, aso-oke gele, orente gele, rose gele etc.

Butterfly gele

Trying these styles will leave you wawoo!  And draw attention your way …surely!

Icon gele

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