Forgery Case: Senate says it’s been vindicated 

The Senate on Sun­day said it has been vindicated by the Thursday ruling of a Fed­eral High Court in Abuja presided over by Justice Gabriel Kolawole that de­scribed the forgery case filed against its presiding officers as an abuse of court process and a decision tak­en against public interest.
In a statement by its Spokesman, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, the Senate said the ruling has further confirmed that Abubakar Malami, the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) was acting on a per­sonal and partisan script in filing the forgery charges against the Senate presid­ing officers while abusing his position as the nation’s chief law officer.
The upper chamber also called on Malami to ad­dress the issue of his per­sonal and pecuniary inter­est in the case as he was a counsel to the aggrieved senators who decided to externalise the issue of election of the leadership of the upper chamber of the National Assembly af­ter they failed in their bid to get their preferred can­didate elected.
It noted that as it has now become obvious from the ruling of Justice Kolawole and in the facts of the mat­ter before the Federal High Court, that Malami was the one who advised his clients to report the matter to the police and now that he has become AGF, he decided to use his constitutional powers to pursue private interest by filing a crimi­nal case in the FCT High Court against the subsist­ing ruling of a court of co-ordinate jurisdiction.
The statement stated in part: “When the Senate in­vited the AGF to come and throw light on the forgery case, it was not to challenge his right to file, take over or discontinue any criminal case but for him to explain the issues of conflict of in­terest, abuse of office, dis­respect of a subsisting or­der of a court and violation of the principle of Separa­tion of Powers which are being raised against him.
“When his supporters jumped up and started abusing the Senate over the invitation, we know our position that an At­torney General, and in­deed any public officer for whose office public funds are appropriated can be invited by the Senate and the House of Representa­tives.
“And that is in spite of the fact that the AGF is re­sponsible to the President who appointed him. Now, the revelations from the ruling of the court of com­petent jurisdiction have shown that this AGF has a lot to explain to the public, if not to his appointor.

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