Five Suitable Sex Styles for You This Christmas

Compiled by Opeyemi Omotoso
Christmas is a time of festivity, sharing, loving and one of the best way to show love to your spouse is to engage in marathon sex. However, sex this season cannot just come, it has to be prepared between both spouse.
Don’t let your obsession with all things hatmathan wonderland stop in the bedroom commit to your fa-la-la-la life style by adapting your favorite sex moves for the most magical time of the year.  I believe your partner will be into it.  So strip down to your long jeans and get those body touching each other because these sex positions are sure to light you up.  Get ready to get down with these 5 moves guaranteed to make you sing “Joy to the world ”

1. The sleigh ride
This does make you the sleigh-but who doesn’t like to be taken for a ride every once in a while?
Lie face down on the bed,  legs straight,  hips raised slightly
2. The mistletoe move.
Go past smooching if you’re ready to step up your mistletoe game.
Standing on one foot,  face your man and wrap your other leg around his waist while he support you.
3. Reindeer games
This allows your man to easily access your tinsel
Get on all fours, he kneels behind you with his upper body straight up or slightly draped over you.
4. Gift wrapped
I know all you really want for Christmas this year is his package. So the both of you need to wrap each other up in this super -intimate sex moves
He sits cross-legged(yoga style), you sit in his lap facing him.  Wrap your legs around him and hug each other for support.
5. Under my tree
To make the holiday a memorable one,  he’ll have to get down in bed. Trust me ladies and mama’s, your Christmas tree is gonna be delicious.
While your man is lying down, straddle him by placing your knees at his ears.  Hold on to a wall or head board for support.  For an added bonus, have him hold his tongue firm as you gyrate your hips pressing your clitoris against it which ever way feels best.
So I guess this 5sex positions will make your holiday a memorable one.  So what are you waiting for, get your man/woman, go on a vacation or your home and get yourselves down.

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