Finally, proof that APC’s downfall might begin with the end of the CCT trial

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki

The trouble in the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, might just be the beginning as 10 in-house Senators  have vowed to go rogue and vote for the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu of the opposing Peoples Democratic Party if Saraki eventually resigns from his office in view of the ongoing trial at the code of Conduct Tribunal.

It would be recalled that there were pressures from different quarters seeking the resignation of Saraki who is the number three man in the Federal Republic of Nigeria over false declaration of assets.

The Senators involved in the deal were two Senators from Kwara, one from Kogi, three from Niger, one from Adamawa, one from Sokoto and two senators from Bauchi State.

The 10 Senators according to The Sun, said once Saraki ois forced to resign, they will vote their colleague from the PDP to elect Ekweremadu “no matter what their party does to persuade them,” adding that they would refuse all persuasions even from President Muhammadu Buhari.

They stated the reason for the action to be that the ongoing trial of Saraki at the CCTV has a political undertone.

Meanwhile, the report of the deal endorsed by the Senators was denied by Ekweremadu’s media aide, Alhaji Ismail Omipidan.

Omipidan said, “And if there is no such bid, there cannot be any such pact. It’s another hot lie from the pit of hell in the series of futile attempts to divide and rule the Senate, inject bad blood, and polarize the solid support and solidarity, which the Senate President enjoys among his colleagues. Why are some people trying to bury a man who is not dead?

“The Senate President is having his day at the CCT and we have no doubt that the truth will prevail. There should be a limit to propaganda, unless we have tacitly reversed the age-long tenet of justice in a democracy from innocence until proven guilty to guilty until proven innocent. Peddlers of such blatant lies are, therefore, authors of confusion and instability and must not be taken seriously,” he said.


  1. My testimonies in choosing saraki the best governor kwara as ever produce?
    I still found it very difficult when people mix truth with lies, indeed they are two separate words that stand on there own, recently I came across a guy on twitter that ask me to name just one school and one hospital saraki build in kwara state and to my outmost suprise I found these question too challenging. Saraki like every other kwara indigene as the privilege to become governor of kwara state for eight years I could say confidently that he was and still the best governor kwara as ever produce his developmental programme cut across every aspect such as, health, education, security, agriculture, sport and of course unemployment, I don’t remember through out his eighth years in office where civil servants complain of late payment, more still was is achievement in health sector. Hospitals in kwara state where rejuvenated and equiped to there standard, not only the state hospital that were brought back to live but also we had kwara advance diagnostic center which diagnose all sort of laboratory tests. These to Dr saraki credit, I could say we enjoy one scheme in kwara during his time called hygeia community health plan which enroll kwara people to secure medical bill for free without paying kobo for a year, I may not say this scheme was his but it happen during his time as governor, they collaborate with state hospital across kwara to offer free services, Mr senate president thank you for improving the education standard in kwara for everyone that know before saraki take the mantle of leadership we only have one university in kwara state which is university of ilorin there is no way everybody can be admitted into unilorin which is for all not only for indigens positively saraki came with kwara state university another big avenue to offer kwarans education indeed we are grateful, like more universities are not coming again but to our suprise we still witness the coming of another university called al-iqmat university and open university all in kwara state during his time as governor, again was kwara state school of Aviation which is to offer young talent knowledge about air craft with these education indeed stand tall while saraki was the governor still the legacy continue, in security of life and property like you know kwara the state of harmony that slogan was not compromise when saraki sit as the chief security officer this was obvious as all sort of rascality and hooliganism was brought down completely in kwara state polytechnic and offa polytechnic, next is agriculture which we never thought could come to life in kwara state but to our surprise agriculture was one of the major achievement of his government, we have tsonga farm which produce milk locally for kwarans consumption, chicken and excerteria, today tsonga farm supply many livestock and product to shoprite for people consumption we don’t need to go to other state to get them, sport was not left out like you if you observe and notice the senate president you could say he is a lover of sport this prompt his effort to brought kwara football academy which train young talent in kwara state to achieve there dream, for unemployment the rate of unemployment was reduce drastically in kwara I can not count how many kwarans that are working in kwara state university, kwara state advance diagnostic center, tsonga farm, kwara football academy, lest I forgot ilorin the state capital was bless with one of the most beautiful central mosque in nigeria during his time as governor, our emirs will be proud of saraki as two of them in kwara north where given staff of office and are living in there beautiful palaces. Cars can move freely without traffic in the state capital. With all these achievements I could not find any past governor that as beaten this kind of record saraki got in kwara state.
    Adam Ibrahim

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