Exclusive: Keyboardist Commits Suicide with Sniper After ‘Prophet’ Snatched Girlfriend (Photos)


By Eric Elezuo

The Kotangora Estate, Isheri-Olofin, along the LASU-Isheri Expressway, Lagos, woke to a rude shock on Tuesday with the news of the death of one of the residents, Mr. Sunday Umah, popularly known as Sunny.

Sunny, who shared a self-contained apartment with another female colleague and his five year old son, was found lifeless early Wednesday morning with a pack of the deadly sniper, a rodent killer, by his side.

Eyewitness account said the deadly substance was purchased by a young boy in the area, whom he sent to perform the duty, not knowing he was using it to snuff out his own life.

Described as jovial and easy going, Sunny’s death by suicide took the surprised neighbourhood by storm, thereby raising eyebrows and questions as to the whys and hows of his death.

Sunny’s corpse

TheBoss investigation has revealed that the youngman’s death is linked to an affair to sour.

According to sources, Sunny had been dating a girl he supposedly loved, and event took a turn one day when he took her to a prophet with no definite church or place of worship, but simply identified as Prophet Dominic, to find out what the future holds for both of them.

“On encountering the prophet, they were told that the future is not very bright for both of them, and that the woman would die by the time she was 37,” the source said.

“Consequently”, the source continued, “both parties agreed to go their separate ways. But it was not as they planned it as Sunny began to notice a hot between the prophet and his girlfriend. In confusion, he confronted the prophet, who threatened him to keep away. He also confronted his girl, and she was not giving him attention. He became frustrated.”

Sunny’s frustration made him relapsed to himself, and became somehow incommunicado until the evening when he took the ‘easy’ way out.

When TheBoss spoke with officials of the Kotangora Estate community, they confided that the police are handling the matter, which has become twisted.

Speaking further, a close friend of the deceased, who claimed he played with him the night before his suicide at Rev. Tom Samson’s Royal Family Church, by Ikeja Along bus stop, said he warned him to leave the girl alone when it was becoming obvious that the issue was becoming confrontational between him and the ‘prophet’. He added that the deceased told him in confident that the prophet called him shortly before he sent for the sniper, and told him that since he has refused to hands off, he should be prepared for whatever he sees.

As the police strive the unravel the immediate and remote causes of the young man’s death, a lot of angles are beginning to unfold while the so called prophet and the estranged lover are on the run, even as Sunny’s body remain in the mortuary awaiting clearance.

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