Exclusive: How I escaped kidnappers den-John Fatoye



Hurray! John Fatoye, the 23 year old who was declared wanted by his family yesterday after going missing for hours is alive and well.

The elated John, who was let go early this morning, in an exclusive interview with The Boss, recounted his harrowing experience. How God saved him from the hands of the dare-devil kidnappers and rescued him from the jaws of death.

“I boarded a bus at Aguda, Ogba in Ikeja, Lagos heading to the Island and all was going smoothly until we got to Alausa” The Graduate of Geography Education began.

According to him, it was when they got to Alausa that all hell broke loose. Some men who were in the bus began to behave funny and before he knew what was happening he was slapped. The slap was so vicious that he blanked out.

When he regained consciousness, his hands were tied and he was blindfolded. The men had also forcefully taken his ATM card and after some beatings collected his pin code. They also took all his cash and phones.

Before he lost consciousness, he noticed that apart from him the other victim was an older man. But when he looked around he did not see the man around the room he was. Apparently, the man was dumped in another room.

He was not given food or anything but he always went to work with a bottle of water and miraculously that water was still with him, so it was that water he was drinking as he did not even want to take anything from these evil men.

At some point, he heard the men having an argument among themselves. “I heard someone who seemed to be their boss instructing them to take me back, that I was disturbing their Juju” Mr. Fatoye told us.

It was not long after that some of the men came to the room he was kept and told me that it was time for him to take a shower He told them flatly that he was not interested in taking any bath. He just felt it was a ploy to harm him. Out of the blues, they poured water on him and asked him to rise, he was then dragged to a car.

They drove for a while before he was dropped and the car sped off-when he was able to free himself and opened his eyes he discovered he had been freed and that he somewhere around the Redeemed Christian Church Camp area in Ogun State. It was from there that he was able to call his family members and eventually the sweet re-union.