STORY; Annabelle Atangakak
Wondered why someone you are naturally beautiful than gets more compliments in a day than you do? They do not get more compliments because they are wealthy, well dressed and stylish or possess all that they need to make them look glamorous for every event.
Complimenting a woman’s look is the makeup she wears, not just any makeup but the accurate makeup for the accurate occasion.
Your question would be what the accurate makeup is. Most women make the mistake of wearing heavy makeup at every particular time because they must have seen it on someone else and liked it or because they feel that is the appropriate makeup to wear for that occasion.

There are different shades of makeup which are referred to as the nude, warm and heavy makeup look. However, for occasions like wedding, preferably, the bride should wear a cool makeup instead of the heavy makeup look because it disputes the wedding dress which happens to be white, making the bride look horrific rather than stunning, simple and beautiful.

For an everyday look, a cool makeup look would do the magic and for a roll you have to play, a loud makeup would communicate the message. The way makeup is worn helps communicate several messages as desired, it can make the eyes look swollen, sad or horrific depending on the message you want to send across based on the roll you want to play.

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