Did Jay Z cheat on Beyonce? #Lemonade seems to say so


Singer Beyoncé became a worldwide trending topic after she released her sixth album “Lemonade” exclusively on Tidal in the early hours of today.

According to Tidal “The 12-song album, the singer’s sixth, arrived with a short film and is a “conceptual project based on every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing.”

The album which features guest appearances by Serena Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, James Blake, The Weeknd and others.

What has social media hyped about “Lemonade” is that it appears to be a diss directed at her husband, Jay Z. The song details her husband cheating on her and her getting over it.

Beyoncé released a mysterious, hour-long HBO special titled Lemonade that invokes her ancestral roots, dealing with emotionally hefty issues of race and misogyny.

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