Dele Momodu Speaks on 2019

By Eric Elezuo

Veteran journalist and Publisher of TheBoss Newspapers, Chief Dele Momodu, has said that it is unlikely that he would give his support to President Mohammadu Buhari in 2019 if he decides to run.

Momodu, who carpeted Buhari for spending more of his presidency days outside governance than inside, made this remark in his weekly write-up, Pendulum with the title ‘The Hurdles Nigerian Youths Must Cross in 2019’.

He wrote: “Will I support Buhari in 2019? Let me say I doubt. My reason won’t be on account of incompetence but because I don’t think it would be fair for men of that generation to continue to hold Nigeria by the jugular.

The fiery writer noted that time has come for the youths to arise and reclaim the country and their destiny, adding that though old age is no crime, anyone who is above 65 should quietly go home and rest because they must have lost everything in terms of mental and physical ability, stressing that the country needs to move its stereotype existence, which has been its bane.

“Nigeria needs to move hurriedly from its present style and stereotypes that have held us down and sometimes even dragged us backward. We must seek and find agile, current and stylish leaders who understand the language and register of modern trends. There is no way anyone above the retirement age can fit that bill in 2019 no matter how hard,” he said.

While acknowledging President Buhari as having played a ‘monumental role’ in the ’emergence and continued existence of our nascent democracy’, he stressed that Nigerians, young and old, deserve better than ‘this cycle of oppressive benevolence’, adding that it can only be achieved by collective efforts.

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