Deja vu: Obasanjo, The Letter Writer, Writes Again

By Eric Elezuo

The saying that though the razor is sharper than the ax, it cannot bring down a tree, may be applicable in many sectors, but in politics, it goes either way. This is because in many instances the sharp razor has brought down not just a tree, but trees. Obasanjo, the letter writer, is a sharp razor.

The fall of former President Goodluck Jonathan began with a letter written in December 2013 by the letter prodigy himself, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, condemning, castigating, and practically taking the regime to the cleaners. The letter titled ‘Before it is Too Late’, highlighted the various misappropriations of Jonathan. Jonathan’s efforts made to counter the damage the letter did to his person and administration were all abortive as he went ahead to lose the 2015 Presidential Election though not woefully. That letter was the genesis of series of letters from both sides of the divide.

Today, few months to another general election, Obasanjo has written another stinker directed to the person and administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Like he did to Jonathan, the ex-president did not mince words as he gave it raw and fresh to the man he once presented as the messiah Nigeria needed, calling him ‘clanish, unhealthy and unfit’ to govern – a case of speaking from both sides of the month. One begins to wonder when the former President discovered all these and more he wrote in his letter taking into consideration that he (Obasanjo) is a seasoned diplomatic and administrator, who can smell competence and incompetence from afar, and not forgetting that he narrowly missed becoming the Secretary General of the United Nations by whiskers at some time in his ‘illustrious’ career.  He went ahead to admit that he knew that Buhari was weak, but still voted for him because he couldn’t just vote for Jonathan and PDP, his former party. As far as the General was concerned, anything was better than Jonathan in 2015. How right was he? Time is telling.

But one thing is obvious, the season of letters has come again, and Buhari and his administration are in trouble. It can only take a reversal policies and desire to return to winning ways, assuming their has been one before, not political sagacity, to keep Buhari and his APC co-travellers in power.

Obasanjo also took a swipe at the seven governors that visited and endorsed Buhari for second term in office while the 73 persons butchered by Fulani herdsmen were being buried, referring to them as irresponsible, and their action a ‘sad symptom of insensitivity and callousness’. As far as he was concerned, Buhari ‘lack understanding of the dynamics of politics’, and revels in his ‘tendencies to pass the buck of his government’s inadequacies to the immediate past administration. He added that his tilting to nepotism has further divided the country citing the known case of Mainagate, which smacks of ‘collusion, ineptitude, incompetence, dereliction of responsibility’ among others.

Whether we like it or not, or whether we love him or not, Obasanjo still remains a voice in the country, and when he speaks, most people listens, sometimes against their wish. It is therefore saying that the death knell has sounded on the administration of Buhari, and like the biblical Saul, his government has been rejected.

And like Humpty Dumpty that had a great fall, and all the king’s horsemen couldn’t put him together again, there is little or nothing the handlers or media team of President Buhari can do at this time. Obasanjo just blew up all the observations of Chief Dele Momodu, who has been vocal against the whims and caprices of the present administration.

Time will no longer tell, time is telling!

Post Author: Eric Eric

1 thought on “Deja vu: Obasanjo, The Letter Writer, Writes Again

    Jide Dagunduro

    (January 24, 2018 - 8:38 am)

    Obasanjo is part of Nigeria problem and he has to be part of the solution. The letter only echoed the feelings of Nigeria about this government. PMB started making mistakes from his initial appointments and when people shouted, he turned a blind eye to it. Subsequent efforts of Nigerians to redirect his footsteps failed. Not even the serious concern of his wife could change his approach to governance. Three years down the road, Nigeria is worse than he met it in almost all facets. He disappointed those of us that queued long ours and risked our life to vote for him. Agreed that the past Government is corrupt, what has done with the revenues generated within the last three years so that the life of the citizenry could be bettered. OBJ is saying the obvious but PDP should forget coming back to power, they are only dreaming if they think this will be an opportunity for them. As for the Court jesters calling them selvelves Governors who went to nominate PMB for another time when fellow Nigerians brutally massacred were being buried, their time of disgrace is at the door. They are toads of war (Apology to Eddie Iroh) those benefiting from the downfall of others. Rather than the people around PMB castigatting OBJ for this letter, they should see it as a clarion call for PMB to change gear in the last one year of his goverrnment.

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