Consider These Before You Accept That Proposal from Him


By Eniola Jolaoso

The dream of every lady is to get married and create her own family but the dream would be better accomplished if she ends up getting married to the one just perfectly created for her.

There is nothing as great as getting married to your own husband and not getting hooked up with another person’s guy. This is the reason there are broken marriages and homes. As a result, to ensure you marry your own man, these are some of the things a serious girl should consider:

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  • How Great Was Your Dating: This is very important, but most girls overlook it because they are love struck and blinded. A girl must reflect on the type of dating she had before accepting the guys proposal for ‘permanent residency’.


  • Financial Stability: Money they say is not everything but it is something, and the lack of it can be disastrous. So the guy a girl accepts his proposal should be buoyant and capable of doing minor things that matter. He should have a steady job, and home before popping the big question. He does not necessarily need to be super wealthy.


  • Your Feelings For Him: Before saying yes to a guy, you need to have agreed within you that he is the only one you have deep feelings for, you can’t be loving him and be loving someone else. He must be occupied a place in your life to the extent you can’t do without him.


  • Am I Ready: Before accepting a guy’s proposal, ask yourself if you are truly ready to spend the rest of your life with him, and overcome the challenges of marriage.


  • Compatibility: There is nothing as wonderful as getting married to a guy who is like your brother or bosom friend; someone who just match your taste. The fact is we are all imperfect creatures but when choosing right, a girl needs to choose someone that she is seriously comfortable with in order to make a happy home. When there is lack of compability in a marriage then it turns to dog and cat affair.
  • Temperament: This is one thing most ladies overlook just because ‘love is blind’ or ‘love conquers all’. You must understand the guy’s temperament, and see if you can live with it. To avoid being turned into a punching bag, don’t get married to a man who gets angry easily, and reacts as such. It is not worth the hustle.
  • Am I Marrying Him for Wealth or Pity: Ladies shouldn’t be carried away by material things or they would end up miserable. Don’t marry him because he was there when you needed someone most, or your parents forced you to marry him because of his parents are their business partners, or he helped you pay all your school bills or he is your friend’s brother and you don’t want her to feel dejected or people are already pointing mockery fingers at you that you are too old and you need to marry fast. All those are stupid reasons, you would only end up another divorcee.


  • His Parents’ Love and Acceptance: This is another important consideration for a lady because parental blessings and acceptance help marriages last longer. If his parent and siblings hates to see you or they disapprove of your relationship with their son, then take a step backward in order to save yourself from any physical or spiritual harm.



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