Children’s Day: natnudO Foods celebrates with children, harps on benefit of egg consumption

Eric Elezuo

Nigerian leading food processing company and producer of Super Eggs, natnudO Foods has achieved a laudable feat towards curbing stunted growth in children and bridging the gap between Nigerian children and good nutrition.

The milestone was achieved as the organisation celebrated with children at the 2016 Children’s Day in Lagos and also educated them, their teachers and parents on the benefits of good nutrition and consumption of an egg a day. The company assured the parents that it is passionate about children’s nutrition and will continuously innovate its products to reduce the prevalence of stunted growth amongst Nigerian children.

Speaking during the 2016 Children’s Day organised by the Company for pupils selected across Lagos State at the Funtastica Land, the Managing Director, Mr. Toromade Francis, shared a report published by the Population Reference Bureau that 11 million Nigerian children have been said to be malnourished, stressing that natnundO is set to champion a plan to tackle this scourge.

He prevailed on the Federal Government to provide an Egg a day for every Nigerian student, saying that the brand is already at the fore front of making this plan a reality with their Super Eggs.

“With decades of experience, stunting is what happens to a child’s brain and body when they don’t get the right kind of food or nutrients that are available in egg in their first 1,000 days of life. The country has made progress in micronutrient deficiency control, but about half the children aged 6 to 59 months do not receive vitamin A supplementation (supplement) and that can mean a child will be growing up with lower immunity, which can trigger frequent health problems and poor growth.

“We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality food products that will provide great health benefits for the whole family as well as great value for money. natnudO Super eggs are highly recommended for children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. Our eggs have nutrients that work together to aid improved memory and learning capabilities in children, improve brain and visual developments in babies and infants as well as a balanced immune system and good skin and hair,” he said.

He added that egg has been consumed for many millennia by people all over the world. While today, most people eat chicken eggs, ancient and middle aged people ate eggs of various birds including ducks, quail, roe and caviar. Egg is associated more with chicken than any other bird.

Toromade remarked that the 2016 Children’s day celebration was very symbolic as the United Nations recently announced that mortality rate may increase in the country due to stunted growth in children.

“Children’s day is a tribute to the happiness and future success of all children and providing an unforgettable experience for them during this period with an evident demonstration of the company’s appreciation for their loyalty,” he added.

Children are a very important part of our society because they ensure continuity of our generations. Children guaranty the future of our nation. Better-fed children will eventually become leaders of tomorrow.


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