Friday Sermon: BIRDS: Wonders of Creation

By Babatunde Jose   “Do they not see the BIRDS controlled in the atmosphere of the sky? None holds them up except ALLAH. Indeed in that are SIGNS for a people who believe”-Quran 16:79 The awesomeness of God is most often exemplified by the wonderment of His creations: Starting with the gnat, ants and their […]

Friday Sermon: When the Sun Set at Noon

By Babatunde Jose Greatness is earned by those who embrace challenge, stand tall in the face of adversity, persevere, learn from failure; never give in, never give up and inspire others to reach great heights. Forty years ago, the sun set at noon for an accomplished middle-aged man; an entrepreneur, business mogul and titan, who […]

Friday Sermon: Clash of Civilisations: A Prophet’s Solution

By Babatunde Jose 1,439 years ago Holy Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina in what has become known as the Hegira and from thence the Muslim calendar commenced. The situation in Medina at the time was akin to what obtains in our clime today; a clash of cultures and religions, and all its attendant […]

Friday Sermon: Matters Arising 3: Who Stole Our God?

By Babatunde Jose Colonialism had a total influence on the society and the life of the colonized. Not only did it affect their culture and values, it engendered a lasting influence on the mindset of the colonized, especially their values and religious orientation; particularly their conception of God. Today, rather than concentrate on the needful and […]

Friday Sermon: Matters Arising 2: The Great Escape

By Babatunde Jose   Many countries, especially those colonized escaped the cultural imperialism of the West: They rejected the imposed language and culture, but embraced the technology and knowhow of the Whiteman. They therefore, escaped being sentenced to a perpetual state of modern slavery. Among those that escaped are, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, […]

Friday Sermon: Matters Arising 1: Why Blackman Dey Suffer

By Babatunde Jose A man’s true worth lies in his confidence and personality which is greatly nurtured by his culture. Man is essentially the product of his culture. It beats and moulds a person into a particular shape. Culture makes one think, speak, dance and behave in a particular manner. It’s culture that makes one […]

Friday Sermon: The Hour

By Babatunde Jose All life as we know it must end one day; just as everything that has a beginning must have an end. That end, for us human beings is the surest thing: A certainty that is indisputable and immutable. When that end will come and how it will come are matters hidden from […]

Friday Sermon: New Year

By Babatunde Jose The New Year was celebrated all over the world, not as a religious ceremony but with jollification and much fanfare, such as we witnessed on CNN and other media that brought to our living rooms the ushering of the New Year in cities all over the world according to their time-zones. If […]

Friday Sermon: Of Leaders And Mugus

By Babatunde Jose “As I stood in the corner of that vast tumult waiting for the arrival of the Minister I felt intense bitterness welling up in my heart. Here were silly, ignorant villagers dancing themselves lame and waiting to blow off their gunpowder in honour of one of those who had started the country […]

Friday Sermon: Appreciating Allah’s Benevolence 1

By Babatunde Jose It’s been a year of hardship and a year of tribulations; a year of suicides, a year of jumping into the Lagoon and for some, a year of hanging from the noose; a year of impoverishment and a year of grinding poverty; a year of darkness and a year of starvation: In […]

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